Why You Should Never Go Back To Someone Who Hurt You

Why You Should Never Go Back To Someone Who Hurt You

Is it alright to get back together with someone who damaged you before? NO, is the response. Someone who has harmed you will keep doing so.

Being the victim of injury is problematic since logic rarely guides your choices.

You are fully aware of what is occurring, what the effects will be, and why it is detrimental to you.

Usually, logic does prevail in the end, but this is not always the case.

Because you succumb too readily to your urge to encircle his or her neck once more, your emotions take precedence over the glaring reality that is staring you in the face.

What actually happens to you

Why You Should Never Go Back To Someone Who Hurt You

When you leave (or get dumped), the temptation to return is intense, making ending a relationship much more challenging.

You stumble and fall flat on your face, neither for the first nor the last time.

Recognize that you enjoy watching this person’s name flash on your phone. Anything would be worth it to see him or her truly grinning. And last, you long for the gaze he or she gives you when you two are alone yourself.

However, you can’t exactly see the reflection you seek when gazing into his or her eyes.

You want to trust that person when they tell you that you are attractive. The words touch a deep place within of you that aches with both pleasure and agony.

Even if you know this individual isn’t right for you, you can’t help yourself. Even though you are aware of how unsuitable they are for you, you are pulled to the one and find yourself wanting him or her.

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Magic is just permeating the area around them. On a good day, being among them makes you feel as though the world is more vibrant and helps you forget all your troubles. But on bad days, it’s difficult to forget, and you’ll torment yourself with guilt for returning.

Why we tend to keep wanting to go back to the person who once hurt us

Why You Should Never Go Back To Someone Who Hurt You

Well, sometimes it appears as though they were a decent person before, filling the hole in your heart that had always been left vacant. You return to feeling empty and alone once they depart. You feel as though no one is still there for you. The person who damaged you the most is also frequently the one who made you care the most about them.

You start to wonder why they left, what went wrong, and other things like that. You make excuses in an effort to get them to talk to you, but to no effect.

You frequently turn to such folks because you are mired in memories of the times when they adored you and refuse to accept that they no longer find your company enjoyable. You keep thinking back on the past while searching for someone to take their place.