Why Successful People Wear The Same Thing Every Day

Why Successful People Wear The Same Thing Every Day

8. Your style becomes iconic

Think about all of the most iconic people you know, style-wise. What is it that stands out? For sure if you think about it, this style has a consistency to it, in some way. Having a consistent look makes you stand out.

9. You save space

When opting for minimal clothes, versus closets full of outfits you will likely never wear, or that will stay in the rotation with most being completely overlooked, you would save a lot of space. Think about a closet with 5-7 outfit variations versus what you have now. The saved closet space could clear up clutter and bring peace of mind.

10. You save on waste

In 2018, clothing accounted for 17 million tons of waste in landfills. Not only does purchasing tons of clothing you will never wear waste your time, energy, and closet space, it’s also cluttering up and polluting the planet.

Levi’s launched a campaign based on clothing waste in the world, and for good reason. With millions of tons of wasted clothing filling landfills, if any other reason doesn’t prevent you from a capsule wardrobe, this one should.

11. It puts life into perspective

We think we can all agree on the notion that holding on to our clothes from ‘the good old’ times when we were younger and maybe a bit slimmer is both pointless and unnecessary.

This is perhaps best summed up in Drew Barrymore’s article for Refinery 29, where she writes about her rationale for severing all sentimental ties with clothes from her youth.

“For starters, I’m almost 40, and the twenties clothes don’t make sense anymore. And, after two babies, the thirties clothes don’t fit anymore. I am at a clothing crossroads, and it’s a painful one at times,” reads her article.

In a world obsessed with appearance and glamour, it is certainly refreshing to see the growing popularity of the capsule wardrobe movement.

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