Why Do Rich People Buy Yachts?

The world’s super-rich spend billions of dollars on yachts and superyachts every year.

Why Do Rich People Buy Yachts?

A yacht is the pinnacle of luxury and decadence. But more so, a personal yacht offers something you can’t get with most large vessels: privacy.

Superyachts are like regular yachts but bigger and therefore more expensive. Yachts are large, but superyachts are huge: Think 100 feet or longer. If a yacht is a symbol of luxury and excess, a superyacht is a symbol of even more luxury and excess.

But why do rich people like to buy luxury yachts?  Why do they buy giant ships that sit empty for most of the year and depreciate the second they’re sold?

Let’s take a look at the psychology of their actions and behaviors.

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