Who Is Danielle Cohn? Fans Never Know What To Expect From This TikToker

Who Is Danielle Cohn? Fans Never Know What To Expect From This TikToker

It’s hard not to wonder who Danielle Cohn is when her name is constantly flooding social media. After getting her start on, Cohn made the transition over to TikTok, and she’s continued her viral social media stint ever since.

While she’s amassed more than 18 million followers on the app, there are some things even her biggest fans may not know about her. For those asking, “Who is Danielle Cohn?”, here’s what you need to know.

Cohn started her influencer career making lip-sync videos, but has since launched a full-blown music career. The TikTok star has released a number of original songs (and cover tracks) in 2020. And while Cohn’s dedicated fans have followed her every move, her career is not without controversy.

The star has come under fire a number of times since landing in the spotlight. “I feel I am targeted the most because of being so young, growing my following within a year, and having support from my family who allow me to live my dream,” Cohn said in a February 2018 interview with BuzzFeed.

Even with haters on her back, Cohn has never been afraid to be herself, and after just a few shorts years of fame, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to her past.

She Has A Burgeoning Music Career

Cohn first ventured into the music industry with her single “Marilyn Monroe” in May 2017, and most recently, covered Ashanti’s throwback hit “Foolish.” However, her newest track prompted a wave of internet backlash after fans accused her of not giving Ashanti proper credit for the song.

Cohn addressed the situation on Twitter, writing, “Do people not understand what a cover is.” But it did little to appease fans and she ultimately deleted the video off YouTube.

“Foolish” may have been a cover, but Cohn has released tons of original music, too. In June, she released her song and video titled “Do It Better.”

Other notable singles include “Fix Your Heart” and “Somebody Like you,” which featured her boyfriend Mikey Tua in the music video. Between her music videos and her original content, Cohn’s built herself a dedicated YouTube following of 1.8 million subscribers.

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