What Your Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

3. The Novel Writing Texter

When you text, you regularly send lengthy messages. Why? Because it’s crucial to you to express yourself in a text message. You’re a thoughtful, sensitive person, and you value the significance and power of words.

Because of your kindness and compassion, your friends know they can always count on you for support and wise counsel.

It’s likely that you are the kind of person who understands the value of context if your texts are lengthy and meaningful. You typically give meaningful answers and have a lot to say. You are meticulous and like in-depth chats, much like someone who texts with impeccable spelling.

4. The One Word Texter

You are well known for sending “yes,” “no,” and “ok” as short, sweet text messages. You intend for your words to be read as straightforward, even when others may interpret them as abrupt and heartless. And that’s exactly what you are. You are straightforward, honest, and unpretentious — a rare and exceptional trait.

When your friends and family ask you for your opinion, they can always count on you to be honest with them. You do not partake in games.

Because you’re too busy going about your daily business, you might not have much time to answer or you might not care enough to do so. You can also be more introverted and prefer spending time by yourself to constantly engaging in social interactions.

You might not care how long your response is because you don’t express your feelings as honestly in text. You won’t be discouraged by this, though, because you prefer to interact with people in the moment. You are autonomous, sensitive, and often consider your circumstances logically.

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5. The Emoji Obsessed Texter

Simply put, sending emojis is your obsession. You feel that emojis are much more expressive than words and would not even text with words if it were up to you. You are brimming with emotion, just like these tiny symbols.

You always tell people how you truly feel without holding back and you wear your emotions on your sleeve. Everyone around you will notice if you’re unhappy, angry, excited, or stressed, so you had best believe they will.

Do you commonly send texts with emojis? If so, people typically perceive you as sincere and able to express your emotions. Clearly stated! The tone of your communication should occasionally be expressed with an emoji to avoid giving the other person the wrong impression (god forbid you use a period!).