What Your Nail Shape Says About You

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Though nails are not the first thing you notice about a girl, unless they are super flashy, they do have the power to uncover certain personality traits.

Real or fake, when your manicurist asks how you want your nails shaped, their question is really code for “Tell me your personality.” Nail trends come and go, but many of us stick with same shape without giving it a second thought every time we get a manicure. So, what message is your go-to nail shape projecting out into the world?

It’s been said for many years by nail gurus around the world that your nail shape can tell a lot about the type of person you are. Your choice in nail shape can tell others whether you are bold and daring, or reserved and laid-back. Who would’ve ever thought that the shape of your nail could tell another person so much about you?

Find Out What Your Nail Shape Says About You

The shape of our nails has changed dramatically over the past century. Before, there were only a few simple shapes such as square, oval and round. Now the nail shape world has expanded and we have added the almond shape, coffin shape, the stiletto, and the most popular, the squoval.

So behold my friends, it’s time for some serious nail reading!

1. Squoval

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

You don’t set trends, but you’re always on top of the latest style, and there’s nothing wrong with being part of the status quo. Simple, and halfway between a square and oval, your nail shape doesn’t veer too far left or right, so you’re always smack dab in the middle of the crowd. This shape is the perfect accessory to the season’s must-have shoe and bag you picked up as soon as they hit stores.

If squoval nails are your favourite, you have a fantastic sense of humor. You have an easy-going, easy-to-excite personality that finds no difficulty shifting from classic thinking to a more innovative, destructive one. Likewise, because you are an easy adopter, people like being around you.

2. Supershot (Natural)

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Short nails signify low-maintenance, simplicity and easy upkeep. This person might love to sport jeans and a t-shirt. They may paint their nails but not go all out to take their nail game to another level.

3. Round

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

The round nail shape has been said to be the most practical of all the shapes. This is because it can be achieved the easiest with natural nails. Round nails are for those women who are more laid-back and quieter.

One word that sums up your style: classic. You stick to the same daily uniform of timeless, tailored pieces and when you go to bed at night, you dream about how you wish your life was a bit more like a black-and-white Audrey Hepburn movie. There’s a good chance you’ve been going to the same manicurist for years. On the rare occasion you do want to break out of your shell, you don’t stray too far out of your comfort zone.

4. Oval

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Sophistication is your middle name. No hair is ever out of place, and your makeup always looks like it was freshly applied. Naturally, you can handle any social situation with poise. You’re at a party and someone else is wearing the exact same dress as you? You walk up and tell them you like their dress with a smile. Naturally, you gravitate towards manicures that are equally as elegant as you.

This style is nice for shorter fingers, it makes them look longer and more narrow. The shape draws the eye downward to the tip instead of lingering on the shaft.

5. Square

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

You are the epitome of chill. You’re not afraid of a little sparkle you’re just practical by choosing comfort over making a statement, and black and denim make up the most of your wardrobe. On a Friday night, you’re more likely to favor takeout and Netflix at home rather than dinner and drinks at a new restaurant in your hood.

If you like square nails, you’re the type of personality who can manage subtle changes to the way things are. But if you had a choice, you’d always stick to the most convenient and comfortable option. You are also a bit stubborn.

6. Stiletto

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

You aren’t afraid to do you. Chances are your innovative beauty game has earned you a number of followers online and offline. It doesn’t matter that your manicure makes texting or typing an email take three times as long, because showing off your beauty routine is your job.

You’re one-of-a-kind, and probably the most creative and innovative person people around you know. Also, if you wear stiletto nails, we bet you’re not an office worker, because typing and paper work become simply impossible. Innovation and attention to detail are two areas in which you excel which is why you can find great success in the business world and always keep your friends and lovers happy!

7. Wide (Trapeze, Duck, Flare)

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Some call it trapeze nails, some call it duck nails, others see them as flares – this shape expands as it lengthens.

You are a very truthful person and always try and speak what’s on your mind – although this sometimes gets you into trouble! Your honesty and straightforward way of thinking mean people always know where they stand with you, but sometimes your advice, opinions, or truthful feedback can disrupt the peace!

It’s probably best for you to stay friends with people with oval or rounded nails – as they will know how to handle your occasional short temper and will really appreciate your honesty.

8. Almond

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

You’re adventurous, but never try something new without a side of caution. Traded for tried-and-true flat sandals for a strappy stiletto pair? You’re sure to stash a handful of Band Aids in your bag just in case of a blister.

The almond shape is for people who like their nails to look more unique, like their personality. It is worn longer like the stiletto nail but comes to a rounded edge like the round nail. This shape looks best with a nude or pastel color.

Although more refined than a stiletto nail, this shape is still fun. It makes shorter fingers look longer, which is all we really want right?

9. Coffin (Ballerina)

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

One may ask, “What’s wrong with being confidant?” and you know the answer: Absolutely nothing. Although your style is edgy, and you’re always down to try a new hair color whether it’s a darker variation of your natural shade, or a pastel hue, you don’t completely throw away practicality. Case in point: your coffin nails. This shape may be long, but it’s flat, square finish still allows you to function in your day-to-day life – like typing at a computer, or putting on tights without your nail getting caught in them – with relative ease.

If you like ballerina nail shape, you are the ultra feminine girl, who is very stylish and trendy. Without doubt, you love to impress! Surprisingly, this nail shape can suit almost every woman, but beware it can be difficult to maintain.

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