Top 8 “Healthy” Products You Should Avoid Eating

Avoiding certain foods can be hard, especially when they’re specifically designed to taste good and considered to be “healthy”. Let’s take a look at the top 8 worst “health” products, you might want to consider staying away from, and why they’re not actually a healthy choice.


Top 8 “Healthy” Products You Should Avoid Eating

White rice is refined and processed, which means it’s generally more destructive to your health than alternatives like ancient grains or wild rice. The main reason? It can have a negative impact on your blood sugar levels. In fact, because of that impact on blood sugar levels, eating white rice in excess has even been linked to increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes.


Top 8 “Healthy” Products You Should Avoid Eating

Oatmeal is delicious indeed. There are so many ways to enjoy it, and one loves adding nutritious toppings as an extra way to boost the goodness. But, instant oatmeal is a different story. If you look at the flavored varieties, the first ingredient is oats and the second, sugar. Right off, that tells you that it’s a fake healthy food. Blueberry flavored pieces doesn’t sound quite right either, does it?

A homemade oatmeal breakfast is so much better for you. And if you are often in a rush in the mornings, start the day off right with breakfast that’s ready to enjoy. This is about overnight oats, quick to make, just a few healthy ingredients, and goodness that satisfies your nutritional needs.


Top 8 “Healthy” Products You Should Avoid Eating

Yogurt is considered one of the best foods for you because of the probiotics it contains and its effects on your digestive system. The gut and intestines do benefit from healthy bacteria for sure, but what about the other ingredients in flavored yogurt? High amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners far outweigh the benefits of protein that yogurt provides.

Instead, indulge in a delicious serving of plain Greek yogurt. If you need a little flavor to get you going, consider cinnamon. Or, mix a serving of fresh pineapple, blueberries, or raspberries in the yogurt for a sweet or tart bonus.


Top 8 “Healthy” Products You Should Avoid Eating

The granola you usually find at the store packs a ton of calories, fat, and sugar. While granola can be part of an overall healthy diet, check the label. Some brands can have 600 calories per cup. Better choose one with less than 150 calories and six grams of sugar.


Top 8 “Healthy” Products You Should Avoid Eating

Chips made from vegetables. Sounds healthy, right? Veggie Stix, as an example, are thought of as a good-for-you replacement for chips. They are made from vegetables after all. When we think vegetables, we expect fiber and all kinds of good stuff. Take a look at the label on a bag of Veggie Stix. You won’t find any fiber there at all. What you will find is a ton of sodium and an awful lot of starch and oil. A fried chip is a fried chip, no matter if it’s made from beets or potatoes. The harmful ingredient isn’t (necessarily) the thing being fried but the saturated and trans fats being used in the frying process.

As a nutritious and much tastier alternative, try baking your own veggie chips from kale, carrots, or zucchini instead to cut back on the fat and sodium and pack in more nutrients. Add a dollop of homemade hummus to the plate, and you are all set!


Top 8 “Healthy” Products You Should Avoid Eating

If you’re buying fat-free or reduced-fat peanut butter in an attempt to shed pounds, save your money — they have roughly the same amount of calories as regular peanut butter with tons of added sugars to make up for the missing fat.

Peanut butter, and all nut butters actually, are a great item to include in your daily diet. However, it’s essential to buy peanut butter that is just that – peanuts. There is no need for unnecessary ingredients like palm oil, sugar, or molasses. You may think that throwing peanut butter in your grocery cart is a good thing, and it can be if you check the label.

For wholesome, creamy goodness, buy peanut butter that has no added ingredients. A clean and pure nut butter is the way to go.


Top 8 “Healthy” Products You Should Avoid Eating

Yes, as counterintuitive as it might seem, you definitely want to try to stay away from artificial sweeteners. Usually people, in the past, have said instead of eating refined sugar, let’s try diet soda and artificial sweeteners and all that stuff. But artificial sweeteners can actually be worse for you than your typical refined sugar due to its potential health impact and unknown risks. It’s better, instead, to try to eat regular sugar in moderation.


Top 8 “Healthy” Products You Should Avoid Eating

Salad is heavenly, isn’t it? Crunchy, fresh vegetables, crisp lettuce or flavorful greens like arugula and tasty dressing to top it all off. But what if you find that your favorite salad dressing is nothing more than just another fake healthy food? Dressings bought off the grocery store shelf are pretty high in sodium and contain virtually no nutrition. Along with sodium, you’ll find carbs and sugar, and that’s about it. Not a vitamin to be seen.

The best dressing you can think ever comes straight from your kitchen.

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