Top 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Top 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What To Bring To The Interview?

Things to bring include a pen, notepad, multiple copies of your resume, references, post interview questions, and a positive attitude.

How Long Do Interviews Last?

Interviews can generally last anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours.

There are many factors that come into play including the type of job, how the company structures their interviews, and what number interview it is (to name a few).

Phone, face to face, and Skype interviews will all run at different lengths as well.

How Long Should Interview Answers Be?

The right length for an interview answer should be less than two minutes. This will give you enough time to thoroughly explain the answer without losing the interviewers attention.

How To Stand Out In A Face To Face Interview?

There’s a variety of ways to stand out in a face to face interview. Here are a few that might be worth taking note of:

  • Smile
  • Give a solid handshake
  • Ask the right questions
  • Show how you’ll add value to the company
  • Know the company inside and out
  • Ask to take notes (bring a notepad)
  • Bring a 30-60-90 day plan
  • Show great body language
  • Send a thank you note

What Are Some Tips For Interviewing Over The Phone?

With the large surge of phone interviews in today’s work world, it’s nice to have a few tips and tricks in your pocket to stick out. Here are a few tips to help during your next phone interview:

  • Find a nice, quiet place away from other distractions
  • Do some research on the company prior to the interview
  • Write down talking points prior to the call
  • Keep your resume in front of you
  • Don’t speed through questions
  • Take your time
  • Prepare some question to ask
  • Ask if they noticed anything from the conversation that you can work on (around the job)
  • Send a thank you email

What Are Behavioral Interview Questions?

Behavioral interview questions (aka STAR Interview Questions) are questions that look to learn more about your past “behaviors” in specific jobs to better understand how you might act in the future.

How Do You Prepare For A Video Job Interview?

The more time you spend preparing for a job interview, the better your chances of landing the job are. 

The interviewing process can be difficult, especially with the current state of the job market. One hiring shift that has blown up over recent years is video interviewing…with no slow down in sight.

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