Top 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Top 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers 2022

7. Why Are You Leaving (Or Have Left) Your Job?

This is another one of those behavioral interview questions.

The specific reasons for your leaving are often less important to the interviewer than how you conduct yourself when discussing it.

The interviewer is often looking to see if you speak ill of your former employer and/or left on good terms.

How to Answer:

When asked about why you are moving on, state your reason in a positive manner rather than being directly critical or accusatory.

Focus on what you’ll get out of the change in employment. If you are currently employed, you can explain that your career goals don’t line up with the company’s direction, and if you were recently let go, give them a brief overview about why, without ever bashing your previous employer.

Example Answers: 

  • “My current employer’s vision has changed over the past few years and no longer lines up with mine.”
  • “After 4 years with the organization, I’ve made the decision to look for a company where I can utilize my skills and share similar values…”

8. Why Do You Want This Job?

Don’t be tempted to answer “Because I need a job!”. The interviewer is looking to see if you’ll be a good fit with the company, and if you have specific goals for your career. 

How to Answers:

Be specific about why you’re a great fit for the role.

Mention aspects of the company that appeal to you along with your short and long term goals. Reiterate your commitment to the hiring manager prior to finishing the interview.

Example Answer: 

  • “I know the company’s mission and growth-oriented mindset are in line with my values. Both get me excited about work and what the future holds which is why I would love to be part of the team….”

9. What Are Your Future Goals?

This interview question, like the previous one, is intended to see if you’ll be a good long-term fit with the company.

The interviewer is looking for commitment and motivation.

How to Answer:

Focus on your career goals that align with the company. Demonstrate your understanding of the company’s mission, and how you can find your place there.

If there is a clear promotion path available that you’re interested in, feel free to mention it.

Example Answers: 

  • “Eventually I’d like to make my way into a project management position. I’m already familiar with many of the aspects of the work, so I’d like to improve my knowledge in the areas I’m less familiar with so that I can oversee an entire project.”
  • “I enjoy working with people and helping to resolve conflicts, so I can see myself moving up in HR eventually.”

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