The Healing Power Of Finding Humor In Difficult Situations

Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.

The Healing Power Of Finding Humor In Difficult Situations

Being able to look on the bright side of life in difficult times is truly a blessing. It means you’re emotionally intelligent and strong enough to handle whatever challenge life brings you.

Each and every day we face brand new obstacles we sometimes have absolutely no idea how to deal with. Our minds get knotted, our hearts get broken into million pieces, and our lives get completely messed up.

Those Who Overcome Pain Through a Smile

The bumpy road of adulthood holds numerous unexpected situations we need to handle and overcome.

Sometimes, these situations might be absolutely devastating. However, the ones who can find humor in the most troublesome scenario are usually the ones who can doubtlessly overcome it.

They are entirely self-aware, and they perfectly understand how silly it is when people hold themselves accountable for the things they have no control over. Moreover, these people are attentive enough to acknowledge that no matter how old they are, they are still growing, learning, and improving.

Humor as a Coping Mechanism

While some may regard some types of jokes as inappropriate given the severity of the situation, for many, humor is an effective coping mechanism to deal with the stress and anxiety they are feeling during such uncertain times.

According to mental health professionals, humor is an effective way to soothe nerves and decrease stress hormones. Comedy can act as a mental armor, which can help people get through difficult situations.

It’s a really powerful way to manage the unmanageable. Just to make fun of it and to gain control by laughing at it. That’s a really powerful psychological move we can make.

Jokes and witty conversations have a way of making you feel closer to the people around you, which is particularly important while we aren’t able to actually be with our friends and families and need a way to feel closer to them.

Jokes encourage you to look at a situation in multiple ways, which helps you to reappraise it and see a hidden benefit, or realize that it is not as bad as it first appeared.

How to Use Humor to Deal With Stress

There are many ways in which you can utilize humor to help you get through these difficult times. If you’re not sure how to start, experts say a good first step is just to smile.

Even a fake smile, simply making the motion with your mouth, causes your body to release endorphins and makes you feel happier. Eventually, that fake smile will lead to a real one.

Next, you may find it beneficial to take a step back and try to reframe the situation. This is where jokes can come in handy. We often hear people say “one day, we’re going to look back on this and laugh”, so why not make that day today?

When you reframe using humor, you become much more aware of the absurdities of your situation, and you can’t help but laugh, even just a little.

Recruit friends to join you in your quest for humor, and make it into a game. Hold a contest to see who’s gone the most days without getting out of their pajamas. Send memes back and forth, or challenge your friends to silly competitions like juggling rolls of toilet paper-sharing jokes with friends can help bring you together, even when you’re in separate homes.

With all your extra time, you can watch funny movies, T.V. shows, and stand-up specials, or read funny books. Netflix has created a new extension called Netflix Party, which allows you to watch a movie or show at the same time as your friends, and have a virtual movie night. You can organize a zoom chat after to laugh about what you just watched.

This Too Shall Pass

While we’re in the thick of this, it can feel like there is no way out, but remember that even the direst circumstances will change, and even the most severe situations will come to an end. There may be no way of knowing when this pandemic will end, but we know that it will. 

Usually, people tend to blame themselves for their drawbacks and mistakes, instead of trying to learn from them. They rarely realize that these mistakes, along with the decisions and choices they make, are shaping their whole future. But not all of them. There are still some individuals who have the mindfulness to convert their shortcomings into valuable life lessons, and their pain into humor.

Having a well-developed sense of humor in today’s perplexing world is rare.

The Healing Power Of Finding Humor In Difficult Situations

That’s why only a few can truly understand the depth of the mind of someone who is able to joke around even when their heart’s bleeding. And only a few know that laughter has the power to heal any wounded soul.

There is humor in almost everything in this life. Even in the way we break each other’s hearts. Looking back at your past relationships, isn’t it funny how you almost settled for people who had nothing to offer you?

Isn’t it absolutely hilarious how you thought you’re going to be with your first love for the rest of your life, while they mistreated you, lied to you, and took you for granted?

We run from love only to look for it elsewhere, and oftentimes, this gets us stuck into an emotionally tiring loop we believe we can’t get out of. But when we actually get out of it, we see how blinded our hearts were falling for the wrong people.

Yet, we keep on giving and loving because we hope that eventually, all the efforts will be worth it. And while we look back on our past choices, there is one main thought that comes up in our minds: “What were you thinking?!”

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