The Best Crystal For Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Crystal For Your Zodiac Sign

Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye, Garnet

Leos are very courageous, which makes the energizing power of Orange Calcite a good match. It instills that little extra confidence. It allows them to be open, speak from the heart, and speak their truth.

The Tiger’s Eye is known as the traditional crystal of Leo, because it allows you to channel greater creativity and positivity towards the sign. This amber colored stone is capable of harmonizing the energy centers, allowing you to reach new positivity and a new balance with more ease and protection.

Garnet helps keep you grounded through self-sabotage or overthinking if need be!

The Best Crystal For Your Zodiac Sign
Red Jasper

Carnelian, Red Jasper, Amazonite

Virgos are thinkers and problem solvers, which is where the brilliant orange Carnelian comes in. It’s super high vibrational, energizing, and protective. It stimulates the mind and supports creativity. It’s really good to complement the Virgo and that person who’s always using their mind and thinking and figuring things out.

The Virgo sign and the Red Jasper have a lot in common: both are known for bringing practicality and clarity to every area. For this reason it is definitely one of the best crystals for this earth sign. The Red Jasper gives a greater capacity of attention to the Virgo, already hyper-organized and analytical of her, allowing to solve all problems quickly and smoothly.

A perfectionist, Virgo is the sign of chaos and order. Although it can be energetically draining for them to constantly battle these two points of view in life, Amazonite crystals help with emotional balance while keeping oneself focused on one goal or mission statement.

This creates a sense of inner peace since there’s been no room leftover into other matters when using this precious stone. An individual’s energy field emits light waves according to frequency color green being positive/life-affirming (love, ing) yellow representing mental activity, orange correspondence relating self-worthiness issues red denoting lackluster thoughts Pinkman invigorating joyous environment black reflecting purging, cleansing white emitting fully awakened ideas.

This is the stone to wear when trying to keep an open mind; it will greatly help with connecting into your intuition that can then be shared openly without feeling fear or doubt. If you’ve ever felt like no one understands you, not even yourself, this is the crystal for you!

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