The 10 Best 2-Player Games That Help Make Social Distancing More Fun

The 10 Best 2-Player Games That Help Make Social Distancing More Fun

Self-isolating doesn’t mean it’s impossible to spend time with your loved ones. You can still get some hang-out time in with a friend over FaceTime or with your distancing partner while you’re isolating indoors. To add some fun, try playing these 10 best two-player games and add a bit of competition to your quality time.

While you’re cooped up inside practicing social distancing, retaining some semblance of a social life is important. Although you can’t go out to the movies or catch up with your BFF at your fave restaurant, technology makes it easier to stay connected, despite physical distance. You may be more likely to video chat with your friends now, since you can’t see them face-to-face for the next few weeks.

Whether you are looking for an online game to stay connected with friends you aren’t able to see right now, or offline games to play with a partner your isolating with, there are some really fun options. Sometimes it’s a little tricky to find games for two players, but these are some helpful ideas to keep you entertained over video chat or with your isolation partner.

1. Scrabble

Get in on a game of Scrabble with the physical board game or play Scrabble GO with friends online via the app. The app version is free to download and play on Google Play or the App Store.

The board game version is easy enough with someone in your household, however, the app version is easiest if you’re playing against someone over a video chat.

The 10 Best 2-Player Games That Help Make Social Distancing More Fun

2. Classic card games and board games

If you enjoy playing card games IRL, you can play them virtually, too! If you want to use a real deck over video chat, you can get creative and make sure both of you have a half-deck of cards. If that sounds too complicated, there are many online options you can find, including card games you can play together, such as Blackjack Online for iOS.

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If you’re looking to challenge a friend at chess, Chess With Friends Free is available online from Zynga, which you can download via Google Play and the App Store.

3. Exploding Kittens

Fans of Exploding Kittenscan have fun playing the game online with the app via Google Play or the App Store. If you haven’t played it yet, the game is a great way to bond, working as a competitive card game with power-ups and downgrade cards. If you don’t have the app yet, note that it does sell for $1.99, so you can’t get this one for free. The app lets friends play together virtually, so it’s a lot more convenient if you’re playing from a distance. If you’ve got the physical version, get that out to play with your house mate.

The 10 Best 2-Player Games That Help Make Social Distancing More Fun

4. Cooperative play games over consoles, PC, or apps.

Gaming systems and PC games usually offer many ways to play together online. Some games are perfect for two players, such as Minecraft. Of course, there are free PC co-op games you can find to play with your social distancing partner, including some with a two-player or more options, such as Disney game gems Kingdom Hearts Unchainedon iOS.

5. Snapchat Games

Although not all of the games on Snapchat are solely two-person, there are a few that offer the chance to play rounds against each other. For instance, you could challenge a friend to a game of Bitmoji Tennis or Slide the Shakesand compare your scores via the leaderboard. The best part is, the games on Snapchat are free and always available in the Games section of your chat options.

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The 10 Best 2-Player Games That Help Make Social Distancing More Fun

6. Challenge each other Trivial Pursuit

Play a round of Trivial Pursuit for a fun, free game. You have the option to add a friend to play together online and experience the board game virtually.

7. Facebook games

Many games on Facebook instant games can be played with just two players. These include classics like pool and bowling or trivia games like SongPop Arcade. You’ll be able to compare scores, or even challenge each other to Words With Friends 2.

8. Pogo’s Monopoly

The great thing about Monopolyis you can play it with just two players, plus the game offers a fun, competitive challenge. This online game of Monopoly is free and allows you to add a friend so you can play together from separate computers.

The 10 Best 2-Player Games That Help Make Social Distancing More Fun

9. Arcade style games

Arcade games are nostalgic and easy to play with friends online. A classic two-player game, you can play air hockey with a friend with a free app via Google Play or the App Store.

10. Truth or Dare

Those who don’t want to spend time scouring for the perfect game might just fall back on a tried-and-true favorite: Truth or DareYou don’t need anything to start playing this game except a friend and a good old fashioned sense of creativity.

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