Surprising Study Shows Half Of Singles Don’t Even Want to Go On A Date

Are you single and you don’t feel like you want to go on a date? You are not alone in that line of thinking.

Surprising Study Shows Half Of Singles Don’t Even Want to Go On A Date

There was a time when being single meant being on the prowl for that special someone. People had a date lined up every weekend in hopes that someone would sweep them off their feet. It was normal, and maybe even expected that a single person was looking to pair up with someone.

Those days may be over. As more people feel enlightened and motivated to achieve great things in life, they are finding it less important to have a partner.

Suddenly, being single is as accepted as being in a relationship. No one even thinks twice about being single for an extended period anymore. It seems Cupid might be out of a job soon.

In a recent study, some light was shed on why many people are sticking with the single life. It seems that recent social trends and technology are making it harder to date. It’s resulting in single people not wanting to go on dates at all.

The Study Done by Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center conducted the study in October of 2019. There were 4,860 participants in the survey, randomly selected across the United States.

While participants were selected via phone and mail, the survey was conducted online. Participants were selected from various backgrounds based on age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and political party.

The study involved several questions about dating, which makes dating harder, and their dating preferences. Some of the results were as expected, while others were quite surprising. The dating scene has completely evolved over the last few decades.

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