Psychology Explains Why Younger Women Often Prefer Older Men

Psychology Explains Why Younger Women Often Prefer Older Men

Why is it that older men love dating younger women, and many people don’t think much about it?

It doesn’t require any research to realize that they love someone who makes them feel young at heart. However, why is it that the younger women who love to date older guys are often stereotyped?

While the research we cite specifically deals with younger women-older gentlemen attraction, some could argue that younger men-older women relationships flourish, as well. However, we will leave the second topic to a separate blog post!

Attraction to an Older Man

Some say that these younger women have daddy issues when they want someone older, but that’s not always the case. Others say they are just interested in money. You must put stereotypes aside and realize that some women love the senior guy because of his maturity.

They also crave the worldly wisdom they’ve obtained as well as the financial stability they’ve acquired. Keep in mind that financial stability doesn’t always mean wealth. It just means that they’ve made their blunders at a young age and have already learned the hard financial lessons.

Society tends to accept a small age gap, which is anywhere from 5-10 years difference. However, what about the women that date men that are old enough to be their fathers? Is there a limit on age restrictions, and how do you know if the age gap is too much for a relationship?

There are both evolutionary and social motives behind a woman wanting an older man. Irrespective of the motive, both parties will have to overcome much stigma and many stereotypes to be together.

Many people will stop and gawk when they see an older man holding hands or kissing a younger woman in public. It has to do with cultural norms and what society expects. People passing have no clue about this couple, yet they are ready to make snap judgments on what they see.

Many studies have been conducted on these types of relationships, and science has come up with a few answers.

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