Modern Relationship Is Different

Modern Relationship Is Different

Many things have changed with the development of technology including relationships between people. Sometimes it may have seemed simpler and easier in the past and that’s why we keep feeling nostalgic about past times. Unfortunately, we can’t reverse time but we can create the present that we’ve all been dreaming about.


Modern dating is different because it’s impossible to distance yourself from someone you once loved.

You struggle to move on, to tell yourself you can live without them, because they are always staring back at you from laptop, phone, and tablet screens.

Even if you try to erase all traces of their existence, if you smash block and delete, there’s always a friend of a friend posting a picture with them or a Facebook memory that will make your heartache come rushing back. Closure is hard to achieve – and it seems like no one wants to achieve it.

Exes will text you out of the blue when you feel like you are doing fine without them. They will ruin all the progress you made getting over them with a drunken miss you text. They will make sure you keep coming back to them, even when they have already made it clear they are the wrong one for you.


Modern Relationship Is Different

Modern dating is different because there are a million different types of relationships.

Serious relationships. Open relationships. Almost relationships. Casual relationships. Texting relationships. Situationships.

Even though it seems like there are more relationships than ever before, no one actually wants to define the relationship. They want to see where things go. They want to avoid labels, even though without labels, it’s easier to get hurt. One conversation could solve everything, it could clear up all the mixed signals, but those conversations rarely happen.


Modern dating is different because cheating is easier than ever.

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You can download a dating app and swipe through options on your couch, at your desk, beside your own partner in your own bedroom. You can send snaps that will delete automatically, erasing any evidence of infidelity.

You can harmlessly flirt with someone you would have never seen again, but with the help of social media, you can continue contact, you can build an inappropriate connection without realizing it’s happening. You can lose the person you love without ever seeing it coming, without catching onto any of the signs they are ready to stray.


Modern relationship is different because everyone watches your love unfold.

They see the pictures you post and either aww or roll their eyes. They make uneducated guesses on how long the relationship is going to last.

And when you break up, it’s not private. Everyone notices when your profile picture changes to a headshot. They catch on quickly.

Modern Relationship Is Different

It’s intimidating to know everyone on your friend list knows whether you are single or whether you are in a serious relationship or whether you have been jumping from person to person.

Everyone has an opinion on your love, even if they have never seen you two together in person. Your relationship is none of their business, but social media makes them feel like it is.


Modern Relationship Is Different

Modern relationship is different because it is a breeding ground for abandonment issues.

It can end without warning. It can end with a text – or with an unanswered text. Without a face-to-face conversation, most questions are left unanswered. Most wounds are left wide open.

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It’s hard to accept losing someone when you have no idea what you did to chase them away, when you aren’t sure whether it was your fault or bad timing or poor chemistry.


Modern relationship is different, because no matter how much effort you put in, it’s useless the other person puts in effort too.

Modern Relationship Is Different