Make A Wish! Magical Moments In Life When You Should Ask For Desirable

Make A Wish! Magical Moments In Life When You Should Ask For Desirable

Who doesn’t love wishing? Humankind has been inventing new ways to wish on things for as long as any of us can remember. After all, it is your thoughts and your intention that lead to the creation of your reality-so why not spend a little more time wishing on the things we want?

What are we wishing for? Well, most wishers believe that you aren’t supposed to tell what you wished for, lest it not come true. Wishers also caution each other to “Be careful what you wish… because you just might get it.” What are we wishing on? That’s a much more interesting question.

So below is a list of magical moments to make a wish that we’d like to share with you. Which ones do you wish on?

25 Magical Life Moments to Make a Wish

1. Falling Stars

Make A Wish! Magical Moments In Life When You Should Ask For Desirable

This is a nice wish, because multiple people can wish on the same star.

All you have to do is see a falling star (“meteor,” for the more scientifically minded), and make your wish. The only rule is that you must see the star yourself. A good time to get a wish like this is during a meteor shower

2. Birthday Candles

This is probably the best-known wishing method, and also the strongest, as it only comes once a year. This is not a wish you should waste on something like “I wish the guy at the coffee shop would remember my extra foam tomorrow.”

With the cake in front of you, take a deep breath. The older you are, the more air you will need. Make your wish while you are still holding your breath. Now, blow. If you get all the candles blown out with one breath, you wish will come true. It is acceptable for very small children and very old people to receive assistance.

3. Rainbows

How do you not wish on a rainbow? Rainbows are awesome. When you see one, close your eyes and wish. Then count to ten, keeping your eyes closed. If you can still see the rainbow when you open your eyes – wish granted.

4. Lucky Smoke

Smoking is bad for you. Don’t do it. But if you do, flip the first smoke in your pack upside down and don’t smoke it until last. When you do, you have the whole cig to think up a wish. Maybe wish that you won’t get lung cancer.

5. Coins

Make A Wish! Magical Moments In Life When You Should Ask For Desirable

This works with any bodies of water, such as wells, fountains, koi ponds, log flume rides, ponds, rivers, seas, etc.

Take a coin of any denomination (bigger coins make stronger wishes). The coin should be of the currency of the country in which the wishing water is located, unless you are somewhere like Solvang or Chinatown, in which case it’s probably better to use the currency of the country you are “supposed” to be in.

6. Dandelions

Make A Wish! Magical Moments In Life When You Should Ask For Desirable

People without allergies often find white dandelions great for wishing. Pick the dandelion and hold it in front of your face. Close your eyes and blow. If all the white stuff comes off in one breath – you get your wish!

7. Feathers

If you find a feather outside (not from a pillow or jacket stuffing), stick it in the ground so it stands straight up. Walk a circle around it and make your wish. If the feather remains standing upright, you get your wish.

8. Acorns

Acorns hold the seeds that grow into oak trees, so that’s already pretty cool. If an acorn should fall on your head, pick it up and wish on it. If it’s a big wish, leave the acorn on your windowsill for three days to facilitate wish granting. For love wishes, send the acorn to the object of your desire.

9. Ladybugs

Make A Wish! Magical Moments In Life When You Should Ask For Desirable

If a ladybug lands on you – a real one, not those biting orange monstrosities – make your wish and say “Ladybug Ladybug, fly away home. Your house is on fire and your children are gone.” If she flies away, you get your wish. Be sure to express your condolences to the Ladybug on her loss.

10. The Moon

You can’t wish on the moon any time. But on the evening of your birthday, look at the moon and make a wish. A crescent with its tips pointing up means that the moon may withhold your wish. If the tips point down, your wish will spill forth. A full moon signifies a year of good luck.

11. 11:11

If you catch a digital clock at 11:11 (a.m. is better, because military time) you may make one wish any time during that minute. Remember, you’re not supposed to watch greedily for it – it’s only if you catch it on accident.

12. Itching

If your nose itches, make a small ‘x’ on the tip and make a wish.
If your ear itches, cover it with one hand and make a wish that only good will be spoken about you.
And when your eye itches, refrain from rubbing and instead cover it with one hand as you wish for something or someone you’d like to see.

13. Wishbones

Wishbones are found in any whole cooked fow. Generally, the larger the bird, the stronger the wish.

This wish takes some preparation, as you have to let the wishbone dry out before using it. Overnight is usually good enough, although if you’re in a hurry you could put it in a low oven for a few hours. Once the wishbone is dry, get someone else to hold one end while you hold the other. Close your eyes and make a wish, then pull apart the wishbone on the count of three. Whoever gets the larger piece has their wish come true. In the extremely unlikely event that the pieces are equal, both wishes come true.

14. White Horses

Make A Wish! Magical Moments In Life When You Should Ask For Desirable

Did you know you can make a wish every time you see a white horse? There’s a catch though, which is that you have to wish before you see the tail. Why? Because nobody wants to wish on a horse’s ass.

15. Eyelashes

If an eyelash falls out accidentally (don’t pull it!), put it on the back of your hand. Close your eyes and make your wish while blowing gently. If the eyelash is gone when you open your eyes – wish granted!

16. Pennies

If you find a penny on the ground, pick it up and throw it as far as you can. If you finish making your wish before the penny hits the ground, your wish will come true! (Be careful to throw the penny in a direction away from people or fragile objects!)

17. Necklace Chains

Do you wear a necklace without a pendant on it? You get to wish every time the clasp works its way around to the hollow of your neck (or your Adam’s apple, if you’re a dude). Be sure to move the clasp back to its proper position as you make your wish.

18. Yawning

If you can keep from yawning on seeing someone else yawn, make a silent wish. If you yawn within fifteen minutes, you’ll cancel the wish.

19. Falling Leaves

If you can catch a leaf that’s falling from a tree – before it touches the ground – make a wish!

20. Words spoken together

If by chance you and someone else say the same word simultaneously, you both should quickly lock little fingers of your right hands and each make a wish. Then each should speak the other’s name, to secure the wish.

21. Lucky Nuts

Make A Wish! Magical Moments In Life When You Should Ask For Desirable

If you find two nuts in one shell where there should only be one, share the twin with someone, and you can both make a wish. The first one who remembers to say ‘lucky nut’ the next morning will get the wish.

22. Knives

If you accidentally drop a knife or any other flatware, make a wish before picking it up.

23. Books

If you accidentally drop a book, step on it with one foot and make a wish. Be sure to pick it up with the hand that’s opposite the foot you used; otherwise, your wish won’t come true.

24. Earrings

If you lose an earring, make a wish on the remaining one.

25. Four-leaf Clover

Make A Wish! Magical Moments In Life When You Should Ask For Desirable

Wish on a four-leaf clover – after all, these aren’t easy to find!

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