Is Gemini Compatible With Cancer In Relationships?

Is Gemini Compatible With Cancer In Relationships?

Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac who spends their weekends hanging with friends and charming new people. Cancer, on the other hand, is the zodiac’s sweet and sensitive crab who spends their weekends relaxing in the comfort of their own home. They’re two signs that sit next to each other in the zodiac wheel but don’t have a lot in common. And while differences can make a relationship more exciting, Gemini and Cancer may have a tough time getting a relationship off the ground. Gemini and Cancer’s zodiac compatibility will give you insight into this pair of neighboring zodiac signs.

When they first meet, Cancer will be attracted to Gemini’s friendliness, attentiveness, and sense of humor. Gemini will find Cancer’s warmth and sincerity intriguing. They’ll also like how comfortable it is being around the demure crab. But, Gemini is the type of partner Cancer’s friends will likely tell them to stay away from. For one, the twins value freedom in relationships, while the crab values security. Geminis date to have fun and meet new people, while Cancers date to find their soulmate. No matter how good things are in the beginning, their approach to love and relationships are so different, astrologers say they’re bound to face challenges down the road.

“No matter which way it goes, Gemini will make a deep psychological impression on Cancer,” astrologer Leslie Hale tells Bustle. “Gemini can help Cancer understand their own subconscious mind and motivations. If this is a positive relationship, this can only be a great placement that could seem karmic, but if it’s a bad relationship, there could be a psychologically damaging effect on Cancer.”

Gemini & Cancer’s Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to these two in the bedroom, Gemini and Cancer will be a work in progress and a lot of open communication will be needed for this to work. According to Hale, “Gemini is up for just about anything when it comes to sex, which doesn’t especially suit Cancer, who is by nature a romantic.”

It may take some time for Cancer to feel comfortable enough to try new things in bed. Geminis need a lot of variety in order to stay satisfied long-term, and may decide to look elsewhere if their needs aren’t being met.

The crab also dreams of “long, passionate, tender nights at home with their partner,” Hale says. Although Geminis have no problem cuddling and chatting for a bit after sex, they have a tendency to move from one thing to the next. The sensitive Cancer may take this personally and shut down.

Gemini & Cancer’s Emotional Compatibility

According to Hale, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, “the communicator,” which means they can be all over the place mentally, and tend to have a short attention span. Cancer, who’s ruled by the Moon, is an emotional Water sign. They need time to build enough trust to feel fully secure in the relationship. Gemini’s tendency to get bored quickly may heighten Cancer’s insecurities.

Gemini likes to feel free, which may not mesh with Cancer’s nurturing tendencies, which can sometimes come off as nagging. Gemini may feel like Cancer is trying too hard to pin them down, while Cancer may feel like Gemini is too noncommittal. “These two will have to come to a happy medium on almost all things for this relationship to work,” Hale says.

The Biggest Challenge In A Gemini & Cancer Relationship

The major challenge for these two signs is reaching a balance between freedom and security. “Cancer’s natural insecurity is not something Gemini understands easily, and Cancer doesn’t take to Gemini’s desire to flit around in order to learn something about everything and everyone,” Hale says.

At their core, Cancer wants a loving relationship where it’s just them and their partner fully present together. For them, it’s all about being with their soulmate. Gemini, on the other hand, dreams of a relationship where they can still explore. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to commit to someone, they just don’t want to feel tied down or limited.

Overall, Gemini and Cancer are a highly incompatible zodiac match. Finding a middle ground will be challenging for both partners, as they have very different needs in a relationship and one or both partners will end up feeling unfulfilled in some way. Unless there are other more compatible aspects within each partner’s chart, Hale says, “the relationship may never really get off the ground, or could turn negative very quickly.”

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