How To Start Loving Mondays

How To Start Loving Mondays

People often seem to hate Mondays. The first day of the workweek gets a bad rap. Perhaps no other day of the week is as maligned as Monday.

Let’s face it. Sometimes Mondays ask a little too much of us. Back to work anxiety on a Sunday evening is a feeling that we’re all familiar with, even if you love your job, and it’s totally normal. Counting down the hours on Sunday, wishing the weekend wasn’t over…

There must be a better way, and there is! With just a little bit of preparation and mental fortitude, you can break the ‘I hate Mondays’ cycle and give every day that Friday feeling. Let us help you love Mondays again.

10 Simple Ways to Start Loving Mondays

Monday is the first day of the workweek – a day to make things happen. So, don’t spend another Sunday night dreading what’s coming. Take action to help yourself love Mondays again!

The start of a new week can feel overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Here we look at how you can embrace Mondays, and take back control of the days ahead.

1. Mind your words.

Stop buying into the narrative that Mondays are so bad. There’s a bit of a collective conscience that Mondays suck. Verbalizing that or posting it on social media, reinforces that attitude, so knock it off. Mondays don’t suck. Their life sucks, or their job sucks. Monday is just a day on a calendar.

Gripping comes at a cost, so change your language and start focusing on Monday’s positive aspects. You’re starting a new week at your job, which means you’re employed. You likely have choices you can make to improve the situation.

Allow yourself to think about what would make you happy to come to work on Monday and consider working on those changes. It may also be a good idea to take a social media break to make yourself happier.

2. Start preparing early.

Really early, like, the day before.

Part of the reason that Mondays can feel like a hectic mess is that we often put off thinking about them until they have arrived. Making small changes to your routine by planning for the coming week on the weekend you can put yourself in a better position for when Monday comes around.

You might want to plan your outfit out, prepare your breakfast or lunch, or pack a sports bag so that you actually make it to the gym. Whatever you can tick of your Monday morning to-do list is going to make a difference to how you feel about it.

3. Schedule something to look forward to.

Make Mondays a day you truly look forward to by scheduling in something fun. The brain loves a reward, and will happily move towards it. Plan something that will make you feel good, a call with a friend, a date, a yoga class – something that is nourishing or nurturing, to reward you for making it through the day in once piece.

4. Wake up early.

If you’re a morning person, then also get up early too. Giving yourself even an extra half hour on a Monday morning means that you’ll have more time to prepare yourself, not only for the day but the week ahead and won’t be feeling so rushed. Plus, you might be amazed at how much more you can squeeze into the day thanks to those few extra moments in the morning!

5. Don’t hit snooze.

How To Start Loving Mondays

This is so hard to do but hitting the snooze button 5 times before you get up is just setting yourself up for a crappy, rushed morning.

Getting up an hour earlier to take your time, enjoy your coffee, maybe even read a book and linger in your PJs – or just time to wrap up what you never got around to on Sunday night – makes a huge difference.

6. Wake up and smile.

This may seem silly, but you should definitely try it. It’s a way to tell your brain that today is going to be a great day. Think of something that makes you happy. Take a big stretch and get up and start your day.

7. Enjoy moments of pause.

If your Mondays feel like a whirlwind, they are bound to make you feel anxious. Try to plan in pockets of calm. This could be enjoying a slower morning than usual, having a mindful cup of tea before diving into your inbox, or even doing some meditation during your lunch break.

Give your body a chance to decompress throughout the day, too. Head out for a walk or a gym class in the evening, to help release any built-up tension.

8. Treat yourself.

Isn’t it funny that we leave all the good stuff until the weekend? Why can’t we have that meal out or glass of wine on a Monday?

Treating yourself on a Monday will mean you have at least something to look forward to each week. Whether it’s watching your ‘guilty pleasure‘ tv show or ordering your favorite takeaway, the positive associations will improve your relationship with Monday.

9. Look at the tasks as opportunities instead of problems.

What are you excited about for the new week? What problem-solving opportunities do you have? What’s been hanging over your head undone from last week?

During your prep time Sunday night, take a peek at the week ahead and highlight a few things that you want to get done and can reasonably accomplish. If possible, schedule at least one of them for Monday, so you’ve started your week off feeling triumphant, instead of feeling like there’s a mountain of tasks ahead of you.

The work is the same either way, but our attitudes are always within our control.

10. Lounge around the house without feeling guilty.

How To Start Loving Mondays

Contrary to what society likes to push on us, we don’t always have to be productive. We don’t always have to be working, giving a corporation more profit and more success, and slaving away for someone else.

We don’t even have to always be slaving away for ourselves, if we own our own business. Use your downtime to truly relax, and forget about outside demands for a while.

Use Each Day to Become the Best Possible Version of You

Maybe your work isn’t incredibly enjoyable. As you’re working toward an exit plan, use the time at your current job to become the best possible version of you. Do you want to develop your leadership skills? Ask to be in charge of a new initiative, plan an upcoming company party, or become a mentor to a newbie.

Do you want to get in better shape? Start a walking club at lunch with your coworkers. Use that time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and enjoy non work-related conversations. Do you want to improve your communication skills? Practice speaking up during meetings, and work on being an active listener.

When you start focusing on being the best possible version of you during your workdays, you start creating a positive environment, which can affect others around you too. This can lead to better Mondays for not only you, but your coworkers too.

We spent many hours of the best years of our lives at our jobs. When you follow these strategies, it can help make your Mondays, and your entire weeks, much more enjoyable.

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