How to React to Someone Who Flirts With Your Partner, According to Psychology

How to React to Someone Who Flirts With Your Partner, According to Psychology

What could be more wonderful than to meet the person of your dreams and fall in love? Perhaps yours may have been love at first sight. But what if someone else experiences that same attraction and flirts with your partner?

There’s no denying that humans are sexually driven beings. If not, the human race would have died out in the beginning. However, it’s the mature people who know how to control their sexuality and be faithful to their partners.

Were Humans Always Faithful to One Mate?

Anthropologists and psychologists aren’t positive that human beings were always monogamous. Studies indicate that our earliest ancestors probably practiced serial polygamy.

However, the experts note that humans still gravitate to an exclusive relationship between only two partners.

This doesn’t include sexual encounters that are outside of long-term relationships. Nor does it provide for instances where people have another partner after one has died. In general, you are normal to want to have your significant other to yourself.

Remember, in junior high school, when everyone was honing their flirting skills? According to studies on human relationships, flirting is hardwired into our brains. Science classifies this as a primordial function that tells potential mates that we are interested, much like a mating ritual.

When you think about it, how did you get your significant other’s attention? You probably saw each other from across the room, smiled, and started to flirt mildly. Just because your significant other is taken doesn’t stop others from looking and flirting.

It’s a fact of life that you will encounter at least one person who flirts with your mate. Although it’s inevitable, how you deal with it is the key. If the flirting is happening a lot and your mate is playing along, your relationship may be in trouble.

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