How To Make Yourself Poop – All Natural Ways To Ease Constipation

There’s no shame here. We’ve all suffered from severe constipation at some point, and it’s no fun.

How To Make Yourself Poop – All Natural Ways To Ease Constipation

If constipation is currently wreaking havoc on your life (and/or colon), you undoubtedly need to know how to make yourself poop on command — or, you know, ASAP. No poop jokes can help you here.

You feel that familiar pressure down below. Nature is calling, so you head to the toilet. You sit, you push, you wait. And… nothing. You just can’t seem to make yourself poop. If several hours have passed and you still haven’t gone No. 2, you just might be constipated.

Bowel movements are different for everyone. The healthy range is usually considered to be from three times per week up to three times per day. Many things can affect the ability to poop, from diet or illness to a change in routine.

You’re considered constipated if you have:

  • fewer than 3 poops a week
  • hard, lumpy, or dry poop
  • difficulty or pain while pooping
  • a sensation that the whole stool hasn’t passed

Don’t fear just yet: If you feel like the poop gods have cursed your bowels, there are steps you can take to get some relief.

Here’s how to make yourself poop from the comfort of your home (erm, toilet).

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