How To Make Friends In The Real World

How To Make Friends In The Real World

30. Ask questions

This is important because it shows a genuine effort in trying to get to know someone and actually makes you more likable.

31. Be aware of your body language

It is easier to start a conversation with someone new if they seem more approachable. Being aware how we are standing (arms crossed, looking down, body turned away from others) can make it appear you are not open to meeting new people.

32. Don’t overlook people you know

While you’re making new friends, don’t forget the people you already know.

Is there a favorite family member you’d like to see more often? Call him or her and suggest going for a walk, or to lunch. Are there acquaintances at work, at church, in your neighborhood, involved in your child’s (or your own) school, or elsewhere with whom you could develop a friendship? Consider reaching out to them. Let these people know that you’d like to share events and activities.

33. Think outside the box

Be open to forming new relationships with neighbors, classmates, co-workers, no matter how different from you they appear to be. Having variety in your choice of friends keeps it interesting.

34. Make the first move

It is okay to make the first move. You can start with a simple text like, “I am so glad that we got to meet today.” If they respond, then you have broken the ice. If they ignored your move, then it wasn’t meant to be.

35. Eat meals outside when you can

Instead of taking your takeout home or eating in your car, try eating outside at the takeout place and smile at people. Invite someone to share your table.

36. Be yourself

If you are acting like someone else, then who is the person really connecting with? Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

37. Talk with people in line at the grocery store. 

Ask a question about something they’re buying, comment on what you like or don’t like about the store, talk about the beautiful flowers on display. In addition to helping you practice talking to people, these people are probably from your neighborhood, and you might make a new friend.

38. Make eye contact with people when you’re talking with them

People want to feel heard, and if you’re not looking at them, there is a higher likelihood that they will think you are not interested in their friendship.

39. Focus on qualities that you like about yourself or admire in others

Your identity is deeply shaped by your friendships. Think about what qualities you like about yourself or wish you had, and look for people with those qualities in your friendships.

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