How To Make Friends In The Real World

How To Make Friends In The Real World

2. Join a new club or organization

Get involved in an activity that matters to you, where you’re likely to meet others with similar values and interests. You’ll have something to connect over and some of these relationships might become long-lasting friendships with time.

3. Show that you’re friendly

A person that has friends must show themselves to be friendly. You must be that which you seek. What qualities are important to you in ‘a friend’? Make sure that you are exemplifying those.

4. Don’t look for similarities

If you don’t share a similar vision and hobbies with someone, it doesn’t mean you can’t develop a friendship. A true friend is like a deep ocean who observes all the flaws of another person. Therefore, don’t judge someone if he/she belongs to a different mindset. Not doing so will allow you to make new friends.

5. Be a good listener

If you notice your attention wandering when someone is talking, try to bring it back to what they’re saying. If you’re listening well, others will feel respected, understood, and warmly towards you.

6. Create friendships with friends of friends

This is excellent if the goal is to expand your circle. Many also consider it convenient and safe because they probably share a lot of the characteristics of your shared friend.

7. Stay in touch

Once you have interacted with a person and exchanged contact numbers, don’t forget to call or message them. Call them and ask for the next meet-up. Or you can also communicate over the phone call.

Opening up to someone frequently is a great deal to develop a strong friendship — until it doesn’t bother the other person.

8. Say yes

This is a guideline actors use when doing improv and it applies to making new friends, too! Saying yes can look like openness to trying new things, but it can also look like just being open to wherever the conversation takes you.

9. Increase your self-confidence

When you are confident in yourself and like yourself it makes it easier for others to see those qualities in you as well. Liking yourself and being in a healthy mental and emotional place is an important step before acquiring new relationships. The goal should not be to only create friendships but to maintain it.

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