How To Make A Guy Miss You

How To Make A Guy Miss You

Hearts get warmer when they are absent. Who doesn’t want to be missed by their man, let’s face it?

But how can you really make a guy miss you?

This inquiry has a manipulative feel to it.

But not so much, on the other hand.

Why? Because you probably want a man to be involved in you if you actually want him to miss you. And that’s quite typical.

One of the secrets to a long-lasting relationship in passionate love is missing each other. Your inner desire and longing drive you to seek out more.

We naturally want to spend our time with those who make us happy and who we adore. The more we engage in these activities, the more dependent we get on their being by our side. Thus, when we are away, our bodies yearn for that sensation.

There are several guidelines you must adhere to in order to make a man miss you. To be the first thought on his mind is the aim. By doing this, you will soon see how the absence of someone can strengthen a relationship and heighten an attraction.

Therefore, let’s begin.

Simple Ways to Make a Guy Miss You

1. Don’t be available 24/7.

Although this one should go without saying, it’s remarkable how often people forget to do it.

You aren’t really giving this guy an opportunity to miss you if you spend all of your time apart waiting by the phone for a message or call.

We comprehend that you enjoy speaking with him and want him to know it. However, this is your moment to make him long for you. Set your phone to quiet or even hide it from view. Depending on how inclined you may be to answer right now. Make him occasionally wonder what you are doing and why you aren’t replying. It benefits the connection.

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Additionally, giving yourself some time to think before responding to a message allows you to write the greatest possible reply. It’s no secret that when we act rashly and allow our emotions get the best of us, we make errors and say things we don’t mean.

2. Play the waiting game.

15% of men initiate contact on the same night, and 49% do so the following night, according to Dating Metrics. The waiting game is to blame for this. They wait a day or two before contacting you since they don’t want to appear to be missing you already.

Women are also capable of using this tactic. Make them wait till you speak. Make them long for you so they may call you. The guideline is that you should make him wait twice as long as it took him to answer your phone or text. He will start to miss you and will call you because he will want you to reply to his texts and messages.

That is just what you desire. Right? So, if you want a guy to miss you, play the waiting game. Playing hard to get can sometimes be profitable.