How To Clean Hair Brushes: 4 Easy Steps

Yes, you should really be cleaning it.

How To Clean Hair Brushes: 4 Easy Steps

If cleaning your hair brushes isn’t necessarily at the top of your to-do list, we don’t blame you. It’s probably not even on your to-do list. And hair brush cleaning isn’t exactly something you can easily do while watching TV or relaxing over a candlelit dinner.

But we’re guessing that every once in a while you look at your hair brush and see some things you’d rather not see.

Why is It Important to Clean Hair Brushes?

You use your hair brush daily, which distributes your hair’s natural oils, as well as any hairstyling products you may have put on your hair. Over time, these oils and products build up on your brush.

Not only that, but strands of hair that naturally fall out as well as dead skin cells accumulate, too. Even bits of dust and other environmental debris can end up on your strands and on your brush.

This buildup can then transfer back onto your hair when you’re brushing it. If your strands have already been looking or feeling greasy lately, transferring buildup to them isn’t helping.

Cleaning your hair brush regularly will get rid of dirt, product residue, and oils from the scalp that build-up on the bristles overtime.

The good news? Cleaning your hair brush, no matter what kind it is, doesn’t have to be a complicated or time-consuming process. Here’s how to clean hair brushes (and combs) quickly and efficiently.

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