How To Choose The Right Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

How To Choose The Right Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

Dog Walker vs. Pet Sitter: Making the Right Choice

Do you have multiple dogs? Maybe dogs and cats? If so, A pet sitter may be the right choice for you.

They are particularly recommended if you are going away overnight, for a few days, or even a more extended vacation. If your dog is happy on their own in the house at night, then there’s no reason to hire someone to stay over.

A pet sitter will come in and look after your per just as you would. They will even open and close blinds to give your house that “lived in” look.

Pet sitting is also recommended if you work long hours and have an older or ill pet that needs to go outside more often.

In the pet sitter vs. dog walker debate, a pet sitter will be a better option, since they focus more on overall care, rather than just taking the dog for a walk. This way, you’ll get peace of mind while your dog gets the attention he needs.

Advantages of hiring a dog walker

  • They usually cost less than pet sitters 
  • Your pet gets the potty breaks and exercises they need
  • Dog walkers often leave notes letting you know how your dog was doing
  • They usually stick to a schedule, so you know your furry friend is always getting their exercise and potty breaks at the same time

Pet sitter advantages

  • Personalized care for your dog
  • Your pet gets full attention, usually all day long, and they won’t be lonely
  • You will have a person you can call anytime and check in on your dog
  • Pet sitters often also do other small things like watering your plants or bringing in your mail

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