How To Choose The Right Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

How To Choose The Right Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

4. Get ready for the meet-and-greet

Before you book a pet-sitting date, you and your pets should meet the candidate. This will allow you to get to know the person better, flesh out special instructions and observe how they interact with your animal. You may even want to ask a candidate to do a trial walk to see how they handle your dog.

Don’t forget to ask for credentials such as references and copies of their bonding and license. You might also want to get a criminal background check.

5. Accept that it might not work out

The best screening in the world may not prevent you from hiring the wrong person. But you can take some simple steps to help determine whether the person is doing their job.

For example:

  • Ask your sitter to leave notes about each visit or share photos with you via text or email.
  • If you have a doorbell camera, check whether your sitter comes at the agreed-upon times.
  • Get a GPS for your dog’s collar to ensure they’re being walked every day.

Here are some potential red flags to look for:

  • Pee puddles, feces or vomit in the house.
  • Untouched treats or toys you’ve left for the sitter to give to your pet during a visit.
  • Failure to provide detailed reports of your pet’s behavior.

While it’s good to be cautious when starting with someone new, keep in mind that most people who choose pet-sitting as a career are animal lovers. Over time, a sitter can become a trusted friend to you and your pet!

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