How To Choose The Right Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

How To Choose The Right Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

5. Go for a test walk

Before leaving a dog walker alone with your dog, go on a test walk where you accompany them. Let them be ‘in charge’ of the dog — holding the lead, calling them back and so on.

The way they interact with your dog will be a good signal of whether they will be capable of walking your dog — this is especially important with dogs who are strong on the lead, nervous or aggressive.

6. Ask the right questions

There are lots of questions you will want to ask your dog walker to ensure that they are prepared and knowledgeable. Make sure you know:

  • What times of the day they will take your dog out?
  • Where do they plan on walking your dog?
  • Whether they are comfortable handling medical needs?
  • What would they do in an emergency?
  • How long will the walks be?
  • Who will be walking the dog?
  • How long have they been walking dogs?
  • What are their training methods?
  • What types of dogs will your dog be walked with, and how many at a time?
  • How do they manage conflict between dogs when out on a walk?
  • Do they check all dogs are up to date with vaccinations and flea and worming treatments?
  • Do they wipe down your dog after a walk before letting them back into the home?

Information You Should Provide to Your Dog Walker

  • Dog age, name, breed, approximate weight, and home address
  • History of health problems and contact information of your veterinarian
  • Current medication list and dosage instructions if you ask them to administer.
  • Foods you allow your pup to eat (people, dog, and treat quantity)
  • Any behavioral clues that are helpful for the walker, such as he tends to chase cars, does not like kids, or is aggressive towards poodles

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