How to Choose The Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

How to Choose The Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Did you know about 80% of all Americans are suffering from lower back pain? The reasons for lower back pain can be as manifold as there are mattress varieties. It could be due to a spinal condition, an injury, bad posture, or simply an old mattress. People with lower back pain should invest in high-quality mattresses to get better sleep.


Most people think that if you’ve got lower back pain, you will need an extra firm mattress. That’s not necessarily true. The firmness of your mattress depends on your very own preference. If you prefer to sleep on a softer surface, don’t let anyone talk you into getting an extra firm mattress. You won’t feel comfy and probably still suffer from lower back pain.

You could try if a firm mattress is better for you. Simply slip a wooden board under your sheets. It doesn’t need to be a thick one, but it can give you an idea of whether you feel better on a firm surface. However, it could also accidentally even out lumps or sagging areas of your mattress. That alone could already be a reason for your lower back pain – in combination with the wrong mattress choice.


Mattresses have different firmness levels from super soft to hard. The firmness you choose should always depend on your weight. Of course, a small child won’t put too much pressure on a mattress. Thus, it can be super soft with a level of 1 or 2. However, up to 150 pounds, you’ll be fine with a mattress between 5 and 7 which is medium-soft to medium-firm.

As a lightweight, you won’t put too much pressure on your mattress that makes it give in too much. Should you be heavier, take at least 6, though the firmness level of 7 would be better. Otherwise, you’ll put too much pressure on a soft mattress that can’t provide the right support for your body weight. Even if you bought a high-quality mattress from the best mattress brands, it needs to be suitable for you.

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