How to Be Emotionless: Ways to Stop Getting Sucked In

How to Be Emotionless: Ways to Stop Getting Sucked In

There are both pros and cons of being emotional. But if you want to know how to be emotionless, choose carefully where to put your energy.

There are some of us who are just more sensitive than others. Being highly emotional is a difficult way to go through life. Feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster all of the time is not only tiring, it can leave you feeling lost.

If you are someone who takes things to heart, don’t worry, you can learn how to be emotionless when it is called for. The key is to knowing when to invest the energy and when just to let it go.

How to be emotionless

Emotions are pretty powerful things when used for the right reasons. If you have a hard time with them overpowering you, it can leave you feeling drained and in a constant state of stress. Learning to let go of things you can’t control is the best way to decipher when you should get wrapped up in something or to just walk away.

For a highly sensitive person, learning how to be emotionless takes practice and mindfulness. It is about catching yourself before you fall into the endless emotional pit. Here are some ways you can do it.

Be less empathetic. 

Empathy is a very important part of humanity, but being overly empathetic can leave you feeling like a weeping wound. There are things that you can feel for other people, and then there are times when you have to reserve feelings for yourself and your own situation.

You can’t possibly take the weight of the world on your shoulders, so don’t let everyone else’s misfortune weigh down on you so heavily.

Stop being everyone’s counselor. 

When you are an emotional person, you have a tendency to put more thought and concern into other people. That can leave you feeling like a counselor to everyone you know. Because you are a good listener and care deeply for others, it can feel like all of your emotional energy is being spent helping out your friends and family members.

If you want to know how to be emotionless, sometimes you just have to not answer the phone or not be the one who drops everything to help someone through their emotional crisis. Likely, you have enough on your own emotional plate.

Stop internalizing.

When someone is in a bad mood or does something to you, emotional people have a tendency to take it on themselves or to internalize it. That can leave you with a whole lot of unresolved feelings, continual guilt, and doubt about who you are.

If someone is being crappy, rude, or downright nasty *and you haven’t done anything*, release them with love. You can’t be responsible for what someone has stuck in their craw. If you haven’t done anything to them, then that is on them.

Avoid socially stressful situations.

If you are a social-phobe don’t stick yourself into situations that are going to provoke high stress. Being emotional makes it more difficult to be in tense or stressful social situations.

If you know that going to a family wedding is going to let out your emotional monsters, then skip it. You don’t have to do things that aren’t good for you.

Take an oath to put yourself first.

For some people, hearing someone else’s emotional turmoil is cathartic. To those who are full of emotion, it can be like an endless roller coaster. If you are the person who puts everyone and their emotional needs above you, then it is time to make an oath to put yourself first.

People who are highly emotional have a hard time investing in their own well-being. You don’t have to be super human or put others before you. When you want to know how to be emotionless, you have to put your own needs above others’ in your life.

If you are knee-deep in something, stop bringing in more shovels to put you under. Figure out your own shit before you worry about other people.

Try to listen without feelings. 

Emotional people have a tendency to insert themselves into a situation and navigate it imaginarily through emotions to check out all angles. If you have a problem, step back, and out, to see what is going on rationally, instead of trying to figure out the emotions of it.

Seeing a problem is much easier when you take all the feeling out of the scenario. It also saves you a whole lot of wasted emotional energy.

Break up with the drama queen. 

If you have someone in your life who is continually putting you over the emotional edge, then that may be more toxins than you need in life. Some people like to be the martyr and create drama to get attention.

They often turn to people in their lives who care, and that is likely you. If you have someone who always seems to be in crisis mode, stop letting them use your emotional energy to get their fill.

It is okay to cut someone loose if they are demanding too much of your energy. They will find someone else to listen to their woes and problems, and you won’t find yourself being sucked in.

Drama queens want all the drama, but they never want to take steps to change their situation. They just use your emotional energy to fulfill their needs and then walk home happy as a clam, leaving you in their wake until they need their fill again. Ditch ‘em!

Being emotional is something that some people are born with, but others lack it. If you are someone who admires the person who can walk away without a care in the world, who lacks empathy, and puts themselves first, there are things you can do to cut back on the emotions that you expend. You can stop the energy you put out and the continual roller coaster you find yourself on.

The good news is that although you feel for everyone else and it can seem like a curse, it isn’t all bad. Feeling is a good thing, as is being empathetic. If you use your emotional energy in the right way, it can end up making not just everyone else feel good, but also yourself.

If you want to know how to be emotionless, it is all about learning when you should invest and when to shut it out. You can learn to be less emotional while still being the person you were meant to be.

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