How Technology Destroys True Love

How Technology Destroys True Love

Long walks on the beach, sharing popcorn at the movies, dressing up for a fancy dinner and writing love letters are a thing of the distant past. Technology taking over society has resulted in the loss of all clichés that people would once make fun of, but secretly loved. It has left even the most hopeless dreamers of a fantasy love story believing that true love is dead.

People’s phones are always in their back pocket or in their hand. They are involved in every small and major moment of life. In a relationship, it is the little things that matter most and these are being lost because people are taking time to scroll through TikTok instead of complimenting their partner. The removal of these little things has become a large issue in relationships because intimacy and genuine love are being lost.

Technology can be a wonderful way of meeting new people, but its impact on our romantic relationships is far from straightforward. Social platforms and the digital devices that engender them can drive a wedge between couples, triggering conflict and shattering intimacy.

How Technology is Destroying True Love and Relationship

Nothing destroys a rare special moment between two people more than a phone notification vibrating and ruining the mood. Technology is killing human touch and deep connections, which is essential in relationships. Instead of holding hands when walking down a street with one’s significant other, the new normal includes seeing a couple silent with their eyes glued to their screen while they mindlessly scroll through social media.

Here’s a range of reasons why excessive social media can run riot on your love life, creating arguments and ruining sex.

1. Misunderstanding.

When we text a message we send letters and words. The real intention and the meaning are far away from those printed letters and this can often lead to misunderstandings.

Everyone has a different way or reading a message and may derive a meaning totally different from the intended one. Besides, if you happen to insert punctuation by mistake it can lead to greater misunderstanding. This is how technology is destroying true love.

2. Virtual worlds.

How Technology Destroys True Love

Technology destroys love when you share space in virtual worlds. Living together in flesh and blood is very different from existing in each other’s virtual world.

The virtual relationship does not have life in it and even if you are staying under the same roof you will not be living together. Virtual relationships cause adverse effects on human interactions and relationships.

3. No time together.

The presence of a smartphone, television, laptop or tablet could all lead to create distances between people. There is no time spent together as all the time is devoted to these gadgets.

Two people sharing a couch but busy on their own gadgets has become a common sight. Time spent with each other is considerably less because of technology and its ill-effects.

4. Living like strangers.

How Technology Destroys True Love

When two people living in the same house spend time on individual gadgets they become strangers to each other. Each one’s gadget has another world in it. The online life takes up maximum time. The online friends and their lives take up so much time that family members become strangers.

5. More fights.

Texting has become one of the preferred ways of communication. When texting the emotions do not come to the fore and a slight change of perception may trigger an argument. Also, in the heat of a moment it is easy to type a message and immediately send it across.

What one does not realize then is that once sent the message cannot be recalled. It can be a cause of regret later on and differences may widen. More fights and altercations is how technology has effected us, instead of bringing us closer.

6. Loss of feelings.

Talking to someone in person, holding hands, an eye contact, giving a hug, smiling on small jokes and sharing experiences are ways of expressing love and affection. All these things can never be possible when communicating via a device. There is no emotion and feeling in text message and these messages become nothing but news pieces.

7. Create distances.

What happens when your life is taken over by a gadget? You share a house with your spouse or partner but live a different life. How technology destroys relationship is very evident here because technology makes every effort to create distances between people.

Being locked in individual screens, chatting with friends, sharing posts on Facebook, commenting on Twitter, pinning posts and viewing videos is all that remains and the loving one sitting next to you is all forgotten.

8. Loss of intimacy.

How Technology Destroys True Love

The phone and tablet has intruded our lives to such an extent that even the bedroom is not spared. It is almost like a third person sitting in between you. In fact there is the entire world in between a couple these days. So where do you get that intimacy. You hardly have time for a decent conversation.

9. No mystery.

Blind dates? Not so blind anymore. And first dates are actually third dates because we all know people stalk each other on Facebook to learn as much as they can about the other person before they commit to dinner and/or sex.

The mystery of getting to know someone is gone. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but the fact that it’s a forgotten practice is a little sad.

10. Love catalog.

When online dating, the plethora of options can make you feel like you’re ordering a boyfriend from a catalog. Sometimes, when so many options seem available, the whole dating process is taken for granted, and not taken seriously. Online dating might make it easier to find and meet people, but it’s not a guarantee you’ll actually find love.

11. Sharing with the world.

How Technology Destroys True Love

Don’t like to share details of your relationship? Seen as bad. Oh, you’re not Facebook official? The relationship doesn’t count. Social media has conditioned us to share virtually every aspect of our lives, to the point that an excessive number of photos, venting about fights, oversharing, and TMI is the norm.

Guess what suffers as a result? Your relationships.

12. Too much choice.

Dating apps make it really convenient to meet new people. But they’re also arguably ruining our chances for finding meaningful relationships too.

People have more choice than ever, so it can be hard to settle when someone more perfect could be a few swipes away. Because we have a lot of choice and we date a hell of a lot more than we used to, we always want the best.

We have way more choice than we’ve ever had, so we end up getting really perplexed, and we don’t know what’s the best option.

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