Don’t Be Afraid of Being Alone. Be Afraid of Being In A Bad Relationship

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Alone. Be Afraid of Being In A Bad Relationship

3. You can believe that it’s okay to be alone.

People seem to give the status of “alone” or “single” such a negative connotation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not being attached. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be attached.

Society tends to make people think they should be dating by a certain age, married by a certain age, and have kids by a certain age. At one point in history, this may have been the norm, but now it’s not. People are more focused on themselves and their careers than ever before.

People are more interested in living life to the fullest before settling down, and that’s okay. If you take the time to fully focus on the things you want to do in life before you settle down, you won’t have any regrets later in life. You won’t feel trapped, and you won’t feel unfulfilled.

Don’t let anyone pressure you into believing something is wrong with you for wanting to be alone. Embrace all that being alone has to offer.

4. You’ll discover what you really want in a partner.

Being in a lousy relationship can sometimes cause you to have on blinders. You’ll be so consumed with emotions from dealing with your partner that you don’t have time to think about what you really want.

Sure, you may wish that your partner did certain things or acted a certain way, but when you’re so emotionally invested in a situation like this, it can be hard to think clearly.

Being single allows you to focus on what you genuinely want in a relationship. The freedom you’ll have lets you truly get in touch with your feelings.

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You’ll have the added benefit of dating — even if it’s hard — and this can help you discover all the traits you don’t want in a partner.