Dead Hang Exercise Benefits: You Can Do It Every Day!

Yes, just hanging from a bar. Dead hands are more than just hanging around!

Dead Hang Exercise Benefits: You Can Do It Every Day!

It might look like you’re just hanging on a bar, but in fact, this exercise has so many benefits. It’s great for everyone from beginner to advanced, no matter your goals.

Dead hangs are an exercise that literally everyone can benefit from, whether you’re a mass monster, a committed CrossFitter or just a morning exerciser… And here’s the best part – In terms of form they’re extremely easy to perform and you can reap all the rewards of dead hangs with only 10~ minutes a week!

The dead hang is a good exercise to practice if you’re training to do pullups from an overhead bar or just want to improve your upper body strength. Dead hangs also help stretch out and decompress the spine. Perhaps, the next time a friend asks you to ‘hang out’ you should consider trying out this simple hanging together!

In this article we’re going to cover everything to do with this hanging exercise: from what it is and its benefits to how to incorporate it into your daily life.

What is a Dead Hang?

What is this hanging business all about I hear you ask? The dead hang is an exercise that requires you to simply hang from an overhead/pull up bar like a dead weight. No repetitions, no pushes or pulls, just a plain, old, simple hang.

As with most exercises, there are variations to make it easier or more challenging. But the standard dead hang requires you only to hold the hanging position over a set amount of time.

Its simplicity does not mean it is only for beginners. There are benefits to be had by everyone, at all fitness levels, from doing this exercise. Read on to find out what they are!

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