Am I Pregnant? 15 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Am I Pregnant? 15 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

7. Headaches

Due to hormonal changes, headaches occur quite frequently during pregnancy. Although it could be an indication of pregnancy, this symptom is not always one. Your headaches could be brought on by a variety of factors, including stress.

Although it can happen at any stage of pregnancy, the first trimester is when it tends to happen the most regularly. Consult your doctor about which drugs, including over-the-counter painkillers, are safe for your infant if the pain is too great to bear.

8. Dizziness

During the first trimester of pregnancy, some women may experience fainting or dizziness. Wooziness can be caused by blood shifts throughout the body, particularly when a woman changes positions, such as from sitting to standing or when she gets out of bed. It can also be caused by low blood sugar or dehydration.

Sometimes you could feel lightheaded, but this normally only happens in the first trimester. If it persists or occurs later in your pregnancy, it is definitely something to discuss with a doctor or midwife.

9. Breast Tenderness

For many women, sensitive and sore breasts are one of the early signs of pregnancy. As your breasts prepare to create milk and nurture your baby, several changes occur both within and outside of them.

The second trimester is when this ache generally subsides. It’s another hormone-related symptom. Estrogen and progesterone surge when the breasts get ready for breastfeeding and produce the soreness.

10. Mood Changes

Your body undergoes a true hormonal rollercoaster in the first few weeks of pregnancy, and mood swings are extremely frequent. Don’t be surprised or angry if you find yourself suddenly crying or feeling really emotional.

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11. Frequent Urination

A symptom that you could be pregnant is if you find yourself using the restroom more frequently than normal. Due to the expanding uterus, frequent urine is typical quite early in the first trimester and again in the third trimester. 2

There isn’t much you can do about this other than to be aware of where every restroom is. You should also drink plenty of water.

12. Cramping

Instead of thinking of cramping as an early pregnancy sign, you might relate it with your approaching period. Some women suffer early uterine cramps when their uterus stretches and undergoes changes.

Your doctor should be informed right away of anything serious. The same holds true if bleeding also occurs along with the cramping.

13. Cravings

Strange desires during pregnancy are a common occurrence. In actuality, early on and during your pregnancy, you could experience cravings for or aversions to particular meals, especially pungent or unhealthy ones.

14. Acne

Pregnancy symptoms can also include an increase in acne and other skin alterations. But be careful with the drugs you use to treat it. Birth deformities can be brought on by some drugs, including Accutane and those with high vitamin A content. The best course of action for treating skin issues while you are pregnant is to consult a healthcare professional.

15. Vaginal Discharge

In the early stages of pregnancy, vaginal discharge without itchiness or burning may be indicative of pregnancy. The cervix is forming a mucus plug to close off the entrance and help shield your unborn child from infections. You might detect a minor rise in vaginal secretions during this changeover.

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The discharge from the vagina shouldn’t smell, burn, or itch. These infection-related symptoms call for medical attention.