Am I Pregnant? 15 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Am I Pregnant? 15 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

2. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness affects about 50% of pregnancies, though the intensity might vary substantially. Some people only get sick at night, some only get sick during the day, and some people only get sick sometimes but in a certain way. There may or may not be vomiting.

The quick increase in estrogen, which is made by the fetus and placenta, coincides with the unpleasant sensation. Because pregnant women have a more acute sense of smell, foods, perfumes, and smoke scents can make you feel sick.

This can start as early as two weeks after conception, although it usually starts between four and eight weeks of pregnancy.

3. A Higher Basal Body Temperature

The temperature you are at when you first wake up in the morning, prior to getting out of bed, is known as your basal body temperature (BBT). Hormones have an impact on it. Even before a positive pregnancy test result, a raised BBT might be the first sign of pregnancy.

Some people monitor their BBT all the time to try to get pregnant. If the temperature stays above or above the cover line temperatures on a BBT chart, it is a reliable sign of pregnancy.

4. Fatigue

Another pregnant symptom is the inability to maintain eye contact or the desire for frequent naps. For some expectant parents, fatigue sets in quite early as their bodies go through numerous changes in preparation for having a kid. In the early stages of pregnancy, progesterone levels that are really high can make you feel like you just want to sleep.

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Try learning to power nap if you discover that you are extremely sleepy in order to get through the day.

5. Bloating

Although you won’t start to show in the early stages of pregnancy, some women describe an expanding belly as one of the signs. Instead of the growing baby, bloating usually causes this.

Usually merely a pound or two, weight increase during the first trimester is not very visible. Actually, as you alter your lifestyle, you might even lose weight as a result of a combination of poor health, food aversions, and a healthier diet.

6. Increased G1as

Being gassy — or, less gracefully, “farty” — is no big deal while you’re lounging around by yourself in your worn-out sweats, but it’s downright terrifying anywhere else. It’s regrettably one of the more typical early pregnancy symptoms.

Throughout the first few weeks of pregnancy as well as the following nine months, expect to have flatulence. An irregular gas will inevitably occur during a work meeting or a cool-down in your silent yoga class.