8 Signs Of Narcissistic Parents And How To Deal With Them

8 Signs Of Narcissistic Parents And How To Deal With Them

5. They Demand Your Respect

A narcissistic parent demands your respect, which might be reflected in an authoritarian parenting style. They will not attempt to understand your perspective or have your best interests at heart. Instead, they enforce unrealistically strict rules and believe they should be respected just because you are their child

Because someone with NPD, especially with severe NPD, is not able to love and doesn’t have the ability to have healthy relationships, they don’t know how to earn your respect through authoritative parenting.

Subconsciously, if they have really low self-esteem, they overcompensate by demanding people’s respect because they think that is the only way they can get it.

6. They Manipulate and Control You

A narcissistic parent likes to exert a lot of power and control. Since they are not able to take responsibility and communicate in a healthy manner, they do so by using guilt trips. They might, for example, say “If I hadn’t paid all that money for braces, you would not have straight teeth” rather than just doing it because their child needs it.

Someone with NPD is so selfish that they resent having to spend money on anyone other than themselves, even if it is family. Because they had a lack of control in their childhood, they seek power and control over others. Therefore, they constantly remind you that they spent a lot of money on you as a way for you to continue to feel beholden to them.

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