8 Signs Of Narcissistic Parents And How To Deal With Them

8 Signs Of Narcissistic Parents And How To Deal With Them

3. They Express Anger Outwardly and Often

A parent with an NPD often yells at others in the household. This is part of their attempt to demand respect and exert control. And, any little thing can set them off; spilled food can lead them to yell that you are incompetent and need to be more careful.

Those narcissistic parents regard themselves very, very, highly and believe that they are perfect, in turn frequently yelling in order to criticize and demand the control they believe they deserve.

4. They Neglect Your Needs

A narcissistic parent is often oblivious to your needs. Because they don’t pay enough attention to you and lack the ability to truly love, they will often shirk responsibility such as not getting you all the right school supplies or, not taking you shopping for clothing, even when you are wearing old or torn clothes.

Because narcissists are so self-absorbed, they are not able to see anyone’s needs but their own. Their low self-esteem often comes from having a narcissistic parent themselves, or growing up with much hardship such as extreme poverty or physical abuse.

Such experiences lead them to lack empathy and focus only on their own needs that were not met in their childhood.

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