8 Signs Of Narcissistic Parents And How To Deal With Them

8 Signs Of Narcissistic Parents And How To Deal With Them

1. They Heavily Criticize You

A parent with NPD finds every opportunity they can to criticize you. If you get all B’s on your report card, they say you need to have all A’s. If you earn all A’s, they will focus on something else “inadequate” you do, such as spending time reading instead of cleaning.

In other words, no matter what good you do, there will always be some way in which you do not measure up in their eyes.

Those with NPD have such low self-esteem that they always have to be criticizing others in order to elevate themselves. Or, they project their flaws onto you as a way of denying their own inadequacies.

Unfortunately, family members bear the burden of this behavior because they are closest to the person.

2. They Constantly Blame You

A narcissistic parent almost always blames others for problems, rather than taking any responsibility. If something in the house breaks, they will say it is your fault rather than just accepting that inconveniences happen and that as the parent, they need to resolve the issue.

Because narcissists have incredibly low self-esteem deep down, they overcompensate for it by acting like they are never at fault. Moreover, because they are so selfish, they resent having financial obligations to anything or anyone except themselves.

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