7 Reasons You’d Rather Have A Good Beer Than A Boyfriend

7 Reasons You'd Rather Have A Good Beer Than A Boyfriend

Love has become a cultural obsession. And so, many of us today hunt cute stylish guys in sports cars having oceanfront villas.

Listen up… boys are nice and everything but you’d rather not waste your time on a boy, wait for a man! And in the meantime, until you find your true love, beer will do just fine.

Here are 7 reasons why you might prefer a cold beer to a guy right now.

1. It’s easy to find, a guy is not!

If you have been on the search for a good guy, then you know how tough this search can be. The second you think you found one, he proves you wrong soon enough.

A good beer though is plentiful. There’s more good beer than bad beer which makes it easier for good girls to all get one for themselves. All you need to get a good beer is to check-in at the nearest bar. There might be some guys in there as well, but most will may not be up to the mark.

2. Beer won’t dump you in hard times.

Beer doesn’t change its mind when times get hard. In fact, beer usually knows how to step up to the plate in hard times.

After a hard day or a few bad weeks, you can always count on beer to be there for you. Boys, on the other hand, seem to be really good at running the second things get tough.

3. Guys don’t come with a label.

The label of the beer is listed clearly on the back so you can read it and know exactly where it’s coming from without questioning any intentions or qualities.

Guys are an enigma, you never what you are getting into until it’s too late. Unfortunately, they don’t have that label and they might end up giving you pretty unclear information about themselves. As well as that, beer doesn’t have endless conflicting emotions and changes of heart that will leave you bewildered.

7 Reasons You'd Rather Have A Good Beer Than A Boyfriend

4. Beer never stands you up.

Beer isn’t ditching you to hang out with other beer. Beer is there for you and always follows through.

Guys are flaky and unreliable. Unlike guys, beer has your back and will never abandon you when you need it most. Whether you’re sad, happy, or hanging out with your friends, beer is always reliable.

5. It won’t break your heart!

No one has ever had their heart crushed by a beer. It can’t lie to you or pretend that you mean more to it than you do.

More importantly, it can’t change its mind about you all of the sudden and leave you all alone. Even if it wanted to, a beer couldn’t possibly hurt you the way that a guy can.

Beer doesn’t break your heart proceeding to get drunk about a month later only to wake you up with a 3 A.M. booty call.

6. Beer will listen to you after a hard day.

However bad of a day you were having, or how long and hard you would like to go on about a long day at work, beer will still be there to listen to your problems . It will not judge until you are satisfied that you have gotten everything off your chest. Beer will happily sit there with you while you try and make sense of the difficult time that you’ve had.

Beer doesn’t care how long you have to vent about your day, it simply just listens. At the same time, beer isn’t unloading all of its problems on you the second you’re with it. Beer is perfect therapy, while boys are the main reason behind most girl’s initial need for therapy.

7. Beer won’t treat you like sh*t.

Let’s be real, beer is just a drink. It couldn’t possibly act like an as*hole even if it wanted to.

The worst it can do it give you a hangover if you have too much of it, but if you’re careful, you won’t need to worry about that.

Guys can hurt you and treat you like trash, but beer never will.

Bottom line

Beer is just fundamentally better than some guys. As long as you drink in moderation, it can’t do anything to hurt you. It especially can’t hurt you in the way that a man can. So, next time you start longing for a boyfriend even though your last one broke your heart, go and grab a nice, cold beer instead.

7 Reasons You'd Rather Have A Good Beer Than A Boyfriend

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