7 Major Diet Myths

7 Major Diet Myths

5. “When On A Diet, Treats Are Not Permitted”

There are good snacks and snacks to minimize or avoid, but snacking isn’t necessarily a negative thing as long as it’s done in a healthy way, according to Dr. Allison. High protein foods fill you up more than sugary snacks, so choose your snacks wisely.

It is supported by the evidence. According to a 2021 study on snacking, those who chose a mixed nut snack high in protein and healthy fats felt more pleased afterward than those who chose a pretzel snack high in carbohydrates. Their heart rates were also lower.

So, make your own trail mix, add fruit to fat-free yogurt, or season homemade popcorn with a little grated cheese for a savory twist.

6. “Some Meals And Supplements Aid In Fat Burning”

The idea that you may take a pill daily and lose weight may be alluring. The research, however, flatly contradicts this.

The effectiveness of fat-burning supplements was examined across 21 research in a systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Nutrition and Health journal in 2021. No study provided evidence to the authors’ knowledge that utilizing exercise or a diet combined with exercise was a more effective way to lose weight than taking fat-burning supplements.

While there isn’t a miracle food or medication to instantly burn fat, there are some items that can provide you the energy you need without packing on extra calories. According to Dr. Allison, no specific food can help boost fat burning. But other foods, particularly those heavy in protein and fiber, will make you feel more satisfied. This will lessen cravings and the urge to eat too much.

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7. “Eliminating Gluten Will Accelerate Weight Loss”

Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of cutting off gluten to lose weight. But as Dr. Allison notes, there isn’t any solid proof that cutting out gluten in particular causes weight reduction.

For many people, cutting out gluten leads to a naturally healthier diet that includes more fruits and vegetables and less processed food and sweets. However, this does not imply that gluten is to blame for weight gain.

In fact, a lot of prepared meals, snacks, and sweets that are gluten-free in the processing stage can contain unhealthy elements including lots of sugar and fat. Lack of knowledge about gluten can also result in an unbalanced diet, particularly if you tend to avoid all carbohydrates in an effort to stay gluten-free.

Be sure to incorporate gluten-free grains like buckwheat, quinoa, and rice if you wish to follow a gluten-free diet because it appears like a healthy alternative to receive the necessary carbohydrates.