7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

Water is our solution to all kinds of health issues; we wash our bodies to cleanse ourselves, we wash our clothes, we wash our stuff and we wash all our food! Well, health is important, and water seems to do the cleansing job most of the time, but there are several situations it doesn’t, some of which are explained below.

We tend to wash everything before cooking it, but sometimes it does more harm than good. Of course, washing produce is an acceptable habit, but there are some foods that, even if they come from a grocery store, should never be washed – for one reason or another.

Never Wash These 7 Foods Before Cooking Them

Has anyone ever told you that some foods are better left unwashed? Well, here they are, the seven foods you totally shouldn’t wash!

1. Eggs

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

You might have considered washing your eggs before cracking them open into that omelet — after all, eggs come out of you know where.

But if you live in the United States, you don’t have to worry. Standards are pretty high in the US, and all eggs sold commercially are already cleaned with soap and hot water. This removes the natural ‘bloom’ or protective coating on the outside of the egg, but in return, they replace it with a light coating of mineral oil.

Egg producing companies place substances that help reduce the production and multiplication of bacteria on the surface. Washing it isn’t really a good idea, don’t you think? This substance provides protection from bacteria and pathogens.

You should still, of course, always make sure to fully cook your egg to prevent salmonella or other bacteria inside the shell from giving you food poisoning.

2. Chicken

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

Now this is a compulsory practice, isn’t it? We’ve all heard the salmonella story and you know you don’t want that thing in your system, even if you don’t know the details. Well, the best way to avoid avian transmitted diseases is to better not wash that breast piece you have in your fridge.

The only sure way to kill bacteria is boiling and temperature, the only thing washing does is get the bacteria onto your hands and onto the kitchen sink and where else your taking those wet hands around the kitchen, so it is better not to wash your breast piece, but lets boil it twice for good measure.

3. Red meat

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

Meat is no different from chicken; we wash it thoroughly before we even think of putting it in the curry. Well its the same thing either way.

In fact, it is better to take out the juice of the meat by using a few napkins, before boiling it or frying it. The method of boiling should be applied to almost all kinds of meat. It’s the only sure way to get rid of unwanted bacteria or pathogens that can be harmful to the human body. In fact, it is a well-known fact that salmonella exists in water contaminated with blood from meat left frozen for a longer period of time.

Red meat is just as dangerous as washing chicken, in terms of spreading disease causing bacteria, but you’re actually altering red meat by adding moisture when you do this as well. The extra moisture will create steam when cooked which will affect the taste.

4. Pasta

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

You don’t need to wash the pasta. You know that right? In fact, it is a bad idea to even think of washing the thing, it’s just bad energy to have in the kitchen.

Chefs have even ended up arguing that washing pasta should be made illegal. Washing takes away the pastas essence, its starch. The starch is what makes it easy for the food to absorb the starch, its actually what brings out the flavor.

You can only wash the pasta after its cooked if you are putting it in a wok or a salad.

5. Mushrooms

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

We always wash our vegetables, its standard procedure and its okay for standard vegetables and plants, but what we don’t usually get is that mushrooms are different.

Mushrooms are actually fungi, a completely different kingdom from plants and essentially with a totally different makeup, being consisted entirely of mycelium (thread-like structures that constitute the body of fungi) they have a very large capacity to absorb the water that they’re supposed to be washed from.

Mushrooms act like little sponges and actually change texture and taste when they come in contact with water for too long. While this doesn’t mean they’re dangerous, mushrooms are extremely absorbent and can become soggy and rubbery if they’re soaked for too long. Instead, use a damp paper towel to clean them.

6. Pre-washed salad mixes

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

If you always rinse your prepackaged produce, pay attention next time. Some packages note that the contents — most often salad mixes or leafy greens — have already been pre-washed or triple-washed, so there’s no reason to wash it again.

And actually the chances of the contents becoming cross-contaminated with bacteria during the process of you rewashing it, outweigh any benefit you may think it gains. So go ahead and save yourself sometime and toss those ingredients right into your salad, smoothie or casserole, and enjoy.

7. Raw fish

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

As with raw poultry and meat, avoid washing raw fish in order to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria all around your kitchen. Instead, buy fish that’s been gutted and scaled from a reputable fishmonger.

Wash your hands well and clean surfaces in your kitchen work areas as thoroughly as possible. These simple precautions are your best bets for preventing foodborne illnesses.

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