7 Drinks You Should Never Drink

Getting into the habit of loading on milk and sugar rich coffee many times a day or making Diet Coke an essential part of your lunch are working their way toward destroying your internal organs. You can have it once in a while, sure. But always remember moderation is key.

Here are the drinks you really need to quit drinking.


7 Drinks You Should Never Drink

Juice, even brands that are fresh-pressed or squeezed, is loaded with tons of sugar and carbs. The all-important fiber is missing, and that’s just a shame! In fact, when processed into juice, a piece of fruit like an orange or an apple changes from something good to eat into a fake healthy food. Did you know, to get the same amount of fiber found in one apple (skin on, of course!), you have to drink 8 cups of juice? Now, that’s a lot of sugar.

The one and only option is to skip the juice altogether and eat a piece of fruit, a nice juicy orange or crisp apple. And pair it up with a glass of water!


7 Drinks You Should Never Drink

Sports + drinks = nutrition in a bottle, right? Nope. Drinks marketed as ways to boost your energy stores for working out or participating in sports contain electrolytes, one can agree. But that’s about as fas as it goes. The sugar, sodium, carbs, and artificial dyes make the grade for confirming sports drinks as fake healthy food.

What to drink instead? Well, water is always the best choice for rehydration. You can also replace energy drinks with coconut water, which is low in both sodium and carbs, but rich in potassium.


7 Drinks You Should Never Drink

While a diet soft drink is not a good idea of a healthy food at all, some people will choose it as an alternative to a regular soda. The common logic is that diet drinks can help you cut back on sugar, or enable you to lose weight. It’s a statement that has no merit. To be honest, diet drinks are so bad for you! Artificial sweeteners like saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame are pretty controversial sugar replacements, and there is not a single nutrient to be found. Those can be even worse than actual sugar

Instead, to quench your thirst make a big batch of infused water to keep in your fridge. Then you’ll have a clean-eating alternative ready and waiting at a moment’s notice!


7 Drinks You Should Never Drink

Although they might be convenient, pre-bottled coffees and teas are often packed with added sugars or sugar substitutes. You can easily pack in the calories and the sugar without even realizing it.

Instead, brew your own cup at home, add ice, and take it with you in a to-go cup.


7 Drinks You Should Never Drink

A delicious drink of fruit blended into a smoothie sounds so tempting, doesn’t it? Refreshing and full of nutrients. Well, if you are purchasing a pre-made bottled smoothie from the grocery store, then no. These fruity mixes are typically loaded with sugar, to the tune of over 50 grams per serving. On top of that, there is no fiber to be found.

If you are craving the sweet taste of fruit, have an orange or a bowl of strawberries. If it’s a smoothie you are looking for, whip one up with fruit and almond milk at home using your blender.


7 Drinks You Should Never Drink

The reason energy drinks taste so good? They’re packed with artificial flavorings and sugar. With a lot of the energy drinks, they can have higher amounts of sugar in it, or they’ll use artificial flavors which can cause a lot of inflammation of the body.

And when it comes to these energy drinks, most companies won’t disclose what those artificial flavorings actually are. So we could have a blueberry flavored drink, but we don’t know what chemicals have been used to recreate that blueberry flavor.


7 Drinks You Should Never Drink

Unless you’re downing a glass of chocolate milk as a post-workout drink after a heart-thumping, sweat-inducing workout, be aware that chocolate milk isn’t the innocuous lunchbox treat we came to love as kids. One 8-ounce bottle of Nesquik has 21 grams of sugar (plus artificial flavors).

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