50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

35. He Finds Reasons To Call Or Text You Often

“I just called to know whether you managed to finish the report.”
“Just thought I should check up on you after seeing the dreadful news in your town.”

If he keeps calling and texting with lame reasons to justify his need to contact constantly, he probably likes you. 

36. He Lightens Up When He Sees You

Eye contact plus raising of eyebrows every time you meet the guy are telltale signs he likes you.

The man might even mention that it’s good to see you. This among other behaviors are subtle signs show he likes you more than a friend.

37. He’s Extra Cautious Around You

When a guy likes you, he might expose unspoken attraction anxiety. Since he only wants to bring positive feelings to you, he might be extremely cautious so he doesn’t mess up the good impression.

So you might notice he plans every word, or that he arranged every detail of your meeting so that it’s perfect, or he’s careful not to say foolish things by correcting himself and many related behaviors.

38. He Doesn’t Talk About Other Women

If a guy likes a woman, he’ll likely avoid talking about other women when around her.

So if a guy likes you, he might avoid talking about his previous girlfriends or even a female colleague from work — anything that may suggest he’s mentally or physically involved romantically.

39. He Thinks He’s Important To You

We like to think we’re important to people we like. So a guy that likes you might think you should miss him or even tell him about important issues happening to you.

So if he starts to ask you why you didn’t tell him this and that personal thing or if you miss him, chances are, he likes you more than a friend.

40. His Friends Never Flirt With You

Have you ever wondered why his friends never flirt or even spend time alone with you? If they’re good friends with the guy who likes you, chances are, they wouldn’t like to flirt with you.

Even if he hasn’t told them, they may know you mean a lot to him and they would offer space for you two to develop a relationship with each other.

41. He Jokes About You Two Dating

“Imagine us going on a date, that would be crazy right?”
“We can go to the festival as a couple. Don’t worry, I’m just kidding.”

If a guy keeps saying statements like these, this is a clear sign he has romantic feelings for you.

42. He Starts Calling You Pet Names

Even if you’ve been good friends for a while, if a guy starts calling you pet names as if you were his girlfriend, he probably likes you more than a friend.

It might simply be a shift from your name to “beautiful,” “dear,” “cutie pie” among others. If he doesn’t do this with anyone else, he probably wants a romantic relationship with you.

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