50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

27. He Notices Subtle Changes About You

You changed your hairstyle a little and no one noticed. But not him.

If he notices most changes about your attire, hairstyle, or even mood, this shows you that he’s super attentive than other people. And the reason is, he likes you.

28. He Tries To Know Your Relationship Status

Subtle signs a guy likes you sometimes manifest in his seemingly irrelevant questions. He may ask things like, “What does your boyfriend think about your job?” or “Does your boyfriend know how brilliant your mind is?”

There’s no way you can answer those questions without disclosing whether you’re in a relationship or not. So if he pops up such questions to gauge your love life, this is a clear sign he wants a relationship with you.

29. He Strives To Impress You

Making a good impression is the number one aim for a guy that likes you. They can impress you through how they look, talk, and even the way they express affection.

So if you notice he’s trying hard to look good for you, that’s one of the signs he likes you more than a friend. He might be extremely generous in your presence and even to the extent of suppressing his nature for you.

30. He’s Always Interested In Your Opinion

“What do you think?” This is one of the statements a guy that likes you will use most.

Since he’s striving to get to know you, he elicits your opinion to know how you think and feel about many things.

31. He Tries To Smell Nice When Meeting With You

For most colognes, you know when the person just put it on. The scent is usually stronger and fresher than when they spend the whole day wearing it.

So, if the guy smells freshly applied cologne yet he wasn’t just from freshening up, chances are, they put it on to smell nice for you. And that’s one of the subtle signs he likes you.

32. He Mostly Tries To Be Funny When Around You

Studies on the science of laughter reveal that the more a guy makes a woman laugh, the more she’s attracted to him. And that’s why many men instinctively try to be funny around women they like.

So if he constantly tries to make jokes around you, chances are, he likes you. That’s especially true if he doesn’t directly try to make everyone laugh.

33. He Wants To Be Your Hero Always

Your washing machine isn’t working, he’s there to fix it. Your date didn’t show up, he’s there to console you. You need a plus one, of course, he’s available.

A man attracted to you develops the hero instinct which prompts him to save you from virtually anything that could hurt you. It drives him to show you he’s the man you need in your life so even when it’s inconvenient for him, he might try to show up for your rescue consistently.

34. He Narrates His Plans To You

If a man likes you, he might unconsciously consider it needful to tell you about his future since he imagines you’ll be in it.

Therefore, if he tells you his personal plans as if you’re his girlfriend, he probably likes you. This is especially true if he doesn’t disclose such matters to people not close to him.

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