50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

19. He Tries To Hang Out Around You As Much As Possible

Whether he remains behind after group activities are over or comes over to check on you, this guy seems to be getting himself into situations he can be around you. 

Even if he used to not go to church or sports events, he starts showing up and positions himself in your vicinity. This is one of the topmost obvious signs he likes you.

20. He Tells His Family And Friends About You

When you meet his family or friends occasionally or even for the first time, it’s like they have a background story no one but the guy must have told them.

They might make comments like, “Scott told us you tutor the neighbors’ children in your part-time” “I understand you don’t take beef” and suchlike comments. Or simply the way they relate to you is like they trust you. Chances are the guy talks to them about you.

21. He Tries To Engage You In Your Interests

One of the obvious signs a guy likes you is his tendency to develop an interest in whatever interests you.

Therefore, if you know he doesn’t like something you do and yet tries to be there for you, investing his time and effort in something you like, that guy probably likes you.

22. He Talks Differently When With You

When you like someone, you’ll likely treat them differently from the rest because of the attraction.

Well, that’s the same with a guy that likes you more than a friend. If you know how they relate to others, you can note a difference in how they relate to you.

23. He Remembers Almost Everything You Tell Him

One of the most obvious yet subtle signs a guy likes you is when he remembers many things you tell him. It’s because he listens to you intently to know you deeply.

Apart from normal details, the guy might remember details we as guys find hard to recall like birthdays, your favorite love gestures, anniversaries, and what guy-thing annoys you.

24. He Introduces You Differently

Rather than, saying “This is my friend Liz,” a guy that likes you would introduce you awkwardly like for instance eliminating the word friend and mentioning your name alone.

By all means, he might try to avoid saying the word friend since his brain has already caught the subtle signs he likes you more than just a friend.

25. He Often Tries To Hang Out With You

“What are your plans for the weekend?” “Do you need someone to keep you company while you do X?” “Do you have me in your dinner plans?” 

If he seems eager to hang out with you always, chances are, that guy likes you. He’ll find vain reasons to be in your presence often.

26. He Texts You A Lot On Social Media

Social media has made it incredibly normal to make small talk even on a daily basis.

So if he keeps on texting you about your posts or merely to say “hi” because he saw you were online, chances are he likes you more than a friend.

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