50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

11. He Checks In On You Often

A guy that likes you would like to know how you’re doing often. This is because you’re on their mind and they want to hear from you consistently.

If you know he isn’t that extra friendly with everyone, one of the subtle signs he’ll reveal would be calling, texting, and even coming physically to check on you.

12. He Behaves Awkwardly Around You

Fidgeting, laughing hysterically, avoiding eye contact, rocking, cracking knuckles, becoming stiff — all these are subtle signs a guy likes you more than a friend.

Body language signs of attraction are almost unavoidable. So if he suppresses, say fidgeting, he might become unusually stiff. One thing’s for sure. If he becomes nervous around you, he probably has feelings towards you.

13. He Talks About Doing Things With You In Future

“We’ll check out their food some time.”
“We’ll attend that festival when I save up.”
“Imagine us investing there in the future, it’ll be awesome.”

When he thinks of you as more than a friend, he inevitably includes you in his future. And his comments shall reveal that.

14. He Makes A Big Deal Of What You Have In Common

“You like watching birds too? Wow, that’s one more thing we have in common!”

We get excited when the one we like shares our interests. In fact, we yearn to share interests with someone else we’re attracted to since we think that’ll make our relationship more fun.

So if a guy says anything related to the above statement, this is one obvious but subtle sign that he likes you more than a friend.

15. He Often Seeks To Know You Deeper

If you’re attracted to something, it’s natural to want to know more about it. That’s why we can spend the entire date asking about someone’s life or binge scroll on the social media page of someone we like.

So one of the telltale signs a guy likes you more than a friend is if he keeps asking lots of questions about your family, opinions, work, vision, and virtually any topic you can think of.

16. He Frequently Asks About Your Days

One of the incredibly subtle signs a guy likes you is his keen interest in all the days of your life. He would take every chance to know how your day is faring, what plans you have for the weekend, and even how you feel about the day or week before.

They can’t help it because every detail of your life is interesting to them. Why? Because you’re the main character in it and that’s how they get to know you.

17. He Dismisses Topics About Other Guys

When a guy likes you more than a friend, he’ll be possessive of you as if you were his girlfriend.

So whenever you start talking about other guys interested in you, he seems to no longer be interested to talk or comment about your life. He won’t sound inquisitive anymore.

18. His Friends Often Leave Him Talking To You

The constant need for one on one talk is one of the subtle signs a guy likes you more than a friend. Commonly, he may hang behind to talk to you even though he came with a group of guy friends.

And since the close friends know he has romantic feelings towards you whether he told them or not, they give him space to talk to you even though they’re mutual friends.

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