50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

4. He Starts Talking To You Then Pretends It Was Just A Joke

He’s probably insecure. When a guy isn’t sure what to say or doesn’t feel confident he can get a lot of anxiety over approaching a woman or what to say to her. He may start talking to you then joke or pretend it was a dare from his friends.

He might even say hi or ask how you are and then awkwardly make an excuse and say he has to go when you answer.

It’s because he feels worried about how the interaction will go and wants to feel “safe” again by ending his time with you. But deep down he is probably into you.

5. He Seems Sad Or Resigned Around You

Sometimes a guy will pretend not to like you for a very sad reason. He doesn’t believe you like him. Or that you could ever like him. He doesn’t think he has a chance. And he’s convinced that he’s not good enough.

For whatever reason of past experience or low self-esteem, he’s developed a resigned attitude about love and finding love. When he looks at you you can sense his attraction and desire.

But when it comes time to make a move or invite you on a date he’s a cold fish. This guy will take time to open up and trust you and really see you like him. But if he’s acting sad and resigned it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like you.

6. He Says You’re Just Friends But Never Talks About Other Women

If you’re really just a friend and he’s not hoping for anything more then why does he go quiet when you ask about the women in his life?

Even if a guy says you’re only friends and he acts very noncommittal around you, the fact of the matter is that he’d be happy to tell someone he’s not into about women he finds attractive or interesting.

But with you he seems to only have eyes for you. Even though you’re just a friend to him. Sure. In reality, you may be more than just friends.

7. He Mirrors Your Moves

Mirroring is a phenomenon where one unconsciously imitates your moves and even the way you talk. If they don’t do that with others, it’s possible that he likes you more than a friend.

Observe their body language and words to see if they’ve started doing and saying things you do. That’s one of the signs he likes you more than a friend.

8. He’s Focused On You In A Group Setting

In a group setting, it’s natural to focus on who’s talking. But you often see your guy friend looking at you instead of where the action is.

It doesn’t have to be his gaze alone. If he is more eager to comment about your opinions and inclines his body towards you, he probably has romantic feelings for you.

9. He Tries To Look Good Around You

Think about it; does the guy seem to be grooming himself every time you meet. Maybe they brush their hair a little bit, straighten their shirt, or try to touch up any part of their body lightly.

Whatever way they do it, if a guy likes you, they’ll seem to be extra keen on how they look around you. After all, you have to see them at their best.

10. He Blushes When You Talk Or Look At Him

A guy blushes when he feels flattered, nervous, or when you turn them on. Their bodies produce adrenaline which manifests as a blush as they try to hide their feelings.

So if he blushes when you talk to him and not when others do, chances are, they like you. This is evident especially when you praise them, talk about sensitive topics like love, or even simply look at them.

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