50 Reasons To Get Out Of Bed Today

50 Reasons To Get Out Of Bed Today

1. The glow of the sunrise — it’s beautiful. It’s magical. It’s worth looking at, and waking up for, and it can be a source of inspiration and peace when you need it the most.

2. You got up today, and there are twenty-four hours that are stretched out before you. That’s one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes that you get to use, how you see fit.

3. You have a bed to sleep in. (Tiny moments of gratitude can help keep you going in the thicket of depression or sadness or some other emotion that keeps you weighed down.)

4. The feeling of cool sheets when you eventually make it back to bed.

5. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning.

6. The taste of a perfect cup of tea if coffee isn’t your thing.

7. Taking five minutes to drink your morning beverage of choice in your favorite mug.

8. The peace of morning quiet before the rest of the world, or your house, wakes up.

9. The feeling of a really hot shower.

10. The ability to take a shower and be alone with your thoughts.

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