50 Reasons To Get Out Of Bed Today

50 Reasons To Get Out Of Bed Today

1. The glow of the sunrise – it’s beautiful. It’s magical. It’s worth looking at, and waking up for, and it can be a source of inspiration and peace when you need it the most.

2. You got up today, and there are twenty-four hours that are stretched out before you. That’s one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes that you get to use, how you see fit.

3. You have a bed to sleep in. (Tiny moments of gratitude can help keep you going in the thicket of depression or sadness or some other emotion that keeps you weighed down.)

4. The feeling of cool sheets when you eventually make it back to bed.

5. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning.

6. The taste of a perfect cup of tea if coffee isn’t your thing.

7. Taking five minutes to drink your morning beverage of choice in your favorite mug.

8. The peace of morning quiet before the rest of the world, or your house, wakes up.

9. The feeling of a really hot shower.

10. The ability to take a shower and be alone with your thoughts.

11. The smell of your favorite soap and/or shampoo.

12. Using a brand new razor for the first time, and getting that perfect, smooth shave.

13. You never hit traffic on your morning commute.

14. Should you have a long commute, and run into traffic, there is something beautiful about listening to your favorite podcast. I’m currently in love with The Unspoken PodcastOprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, and RISE with Rachel Hollis.

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15. Should you have a long commute, and run into traffic, and not like podcasts – audiobooks are a gift, too. Becoming, by Michelle Obama is A MUST. And you don’t always have to sign up for audible, you can rent audiobooks from your local library, for free!

16. Spotify. Apple music. Music of any kind – there’s nothing like the sounds of music to lift your spirits and speak to your soul.

17. A workplace environment where you have at least one coworker that makes you smile.

18. A workplace environment where you feel safe and valued.

19. A workplace environment where you are heard.

20. The fact that you have a job that you love

21. The fact that you have a job that you don’t really love, but one that still pays the bills.

22. You get happy mail in your inbox or physical mailbox that’s not a bill.

23. You have friends that send you a text message, just because it’ll make you laugh.

24. You have friends that send you a text message, just because.

25. You have friends that call you and leave a voicemail.

26. You have friends that know that even if you don’t speak to them as frequently as you once did, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love them any less.

27. You have friends that show up when you call – regardless of how much time has passed.

28. You have at least one friend that knows your soul.

29. You’re going to carve out time for yourself time to understand your own soul.

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30. You can go for a walk in nature, and let yourself get lost in thought.

31. The world still has nature – the beaches are still here, the woods are still here, the ocean is still here, and we haven’t killed the planet…yet.

32. There are a million causes that you can donate your time to so that you can help make sure that we don’t kill the planet completely.

33. There are a million causes that you can donate your time to, and you can make a small gesture to make this world a better place. Pick one. Start small.

34. You have the ability to share your voice.

35. There are a million beautiful, magical stories that you can read, and discover the voice of another human. Go to the library. Pick one title. Start there.

36. You live in a time where books exist.

37. You live in a time where Netflix exists.

38. You were the generation that lived with Game of Thrones.

39. Storytelling is alive and well today, and stories are what keep us going. And you, yes you, get to decide what stories you consume.

40. You get to decide what food you consume.

41. You get to decide what media you consume.

42. You get to decide whose company you keep.

43. You’re in control.

44. You’re in control of the tiny habits you keep pursuing. You’re in control of the relationships you engage in. You’re in control of how you react to the hurdles that life throws your way. Quit believing the lie that you’re powerless. You’re not.

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45. You’re the most powerful force in your own orbit.

46. You are a miracle. Yes, you. Science, and the universe, and the stars aligned to make you into the being that you are. There is stardust in your bones and love that runs through your veins.

47. You’re worthy of love.

48. You are lovable.

49. You are love.

50. If you can put your head down on your pillow at the end of the day, knowing that you did your best, that you tried your best – that’s always something worth celebrating.