3 Reasons Why You Should Never Pick Up Money Off The Street

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Pick Up Money Off The Street

That’s nice when money flows into your hands without any effort, especially if the amount is significant. When we see lost bills on the street, there appears a strong desire to take them away. However, it is worth thinking twice before doing so.

Some would feel extremely guilty for picking up cash from the floor. They would always put the money back onto the floor where they found it. However, others may pick it up without no thinking.

How you act in this situation will always depend on you. But, here are three reasons why you’d better not do this.


Victoria Police have warned you could be charged with theft if you decide to pocket it instead of handing it in.

A social media poll on the Victoria Police Facebook page revealed thousands of people admitted they would count their lucky stars and keep the money, rather than hand it over to the cops.

But police said those who kept the banknote would actually be breaking the law.

“A person can be charged with theft if they find something belonging to another person and they keep it, or they deal with it as if they are they owner of it,” Victoria Police advised.

“Items should always be taken to a police station and if they are not claimed within a three-month-period, you can take ownership of the item.”

The response shocked many, who admitted the “law” of finders keepers should come in to play, particularly if it was almost impossible for anyone prove they were the rightful owner of the money.

“I kept money when I was 15 at the bus stop, was a very windy day and $50 floated right up to me,” one woman wrote.

“Spent 10 mins looking around for who might have lost it. Then decided it fell into the category of finders keepers.”


Next comes the scary reason why you should never pick up a dollar bill off the ground.

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Pick Up Money Off The Street

Everybody knows that money is dirty. We’re taught from a young age to wash our hands after handling it. Think of all the people that have touched – or even worse! – those coins and bills over their long lifetimes (a dollar bill is in circulation for more than 10 years!). Just thinking about it might make you want to use Purell.

What if we told you that it’s ‘even worse’ than you think? Don’t read this if you’re eating lunch, BUT there is a really sick prank that kids across the country are doing that will make you never want to pick up a stray bill ‘ever again’.

If you can believe it, people are actually putting feces on dollar bills, leaving them on the ground to be found, and then filming as innocent bystander’s pick them up. It takes some people a few minutes to realize that the bill they’ve picked up is actually tainted. So gross! It’s not a new prank, but you should definitely be wary of any ‘free’ money you come across. Just leave it on the sidewalk next time!


3 Reasons Why You Should Never Pick Up Money Off The Street

Since ancient times, money has been believed to have strong energy. Because of this, it is often used for various rituals. Hence, do not immediately seek to pick them up when you see lost coins on the road. Sometimes you can incur trouble this way.

Often such a finding does not pose any threat, but on the other hand, it could be also considered as a bad sign. Basically, black rituals are carried out with valuable things. Money is most often used for this in modern world. Most popular beliefs say that any thing found on the street might be under the influence of the bad energy.

Large bills, as well as coins, are often used for such rituals. One can cleanse his home of negative energy with their help. Usually, after that, money is thrown away somewhere distant from home or simply in public places.

Having picked them up, you may take over other people’s problems and difficulties. To avoid this, never pick up money off the street and ground.

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Pick Up Money Off The Street

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