25 Things Only True Gentlemen Do

25 Things Only True Gentlemen Do

Trends come and go, as do some friends and some lovers – but one thing remains constant; the notion that men should aspire to be gentlemen.

Real gentlemen are not ashamed to show their love for their women in public. It is so unfortunate how people think that it is not manly enough for a man to be sensitive, go an extra mile to prove their love, and admit a wrong and be remorseful about it.

Three-piece suits, pocket squares and fob watches may be coming back into fashion, but that doesn’t mean the guys wearing them can be classified as ‘gentlemen.’  When it comes to filtering out the frauds from the real gentlemen, there are some simple ways to find out who is genuine. Here is our list of 25 things that only real gentlemen do.

25 Things Only Real Gentlemen Do

1. They are on time.

A well-groomed gentleman is someone who is never late. Whether it concerns the meeting of important deadlines or the prompt arrival at gatherings and parties, a real gentleman understands that time is of utmost importance. Being late means that you don’t value your time nor the time of others.

2. Keep their promises.

A bona fide gentleman always considers his word to be bond. He knows that once he makes a promise, he must always fulfill it to the best of his abilities. Anything less, and his word is no longer trustworthy.

3. They have a firm handshake.

There is nothing worse than a guy with a weak handshake. A true gentleman will make sure he leaves a good impression with a firm handshake and eye contact.

25 Things Only True Gentlemen Do

4. Give up their seat.

A gentleman will always get up and offer his seat to a pregnant woman or elderly people on the bus, on the subway, or in the waiting room. It’s just courtesy all men should practice. He sacrifices even small things like personal comfort for a short commute.

5. They open doors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re entering the restaurant or your apartment; they will always open doors and let you go first. A gentleman holds the door for others to go in. There are still some rare men who open car doors for ladies. Kudos to them!

Men should always make the effort to hold the doors open for women. It isn’t because women are incapable of pushing doors open on their own, but rather a gesture of appreciation for a woman’s character and poise.

6. Offer their jacket.

If a woman or anyone else is cold and doesn’t have a jacket, and they do, then they sacrifice their personal comfort to make others more comfortable.

25 Things Only True Gentlemen Do

7. They look neat.

A true gentleman always looks neat. He shaves his face or trims his perfect beard. He always wears clean clothes. A gentleman keeps good posture, too. He knows that fine shoes open many doors when it comes to women or business.

8. Always smell good.

It is scientifically proven that ladies fall for guys who smell good. Also, women love when men pay attention to hygiene.

9. Gentlemen know how to cook.

Being able to prepare one good, full meal should be the bare minimum. Start simply, and work your way up to more adventurous cuisine. It’s a charming skill to have – and being a Michelin-starred man will endear you to man, beast and in-laws alike.

10. They are polite – to everyone.

It seems like a small thing, but saying “please” and “thank you” to people shows courtesy and respect for others. It is a minor thing and costs you nothing, but can earn you valuable points with people.

Politeness shouldn’t be used as a weapon for pants-dropping. A gentleman should be polite to everyone, with no ulterior motive.

11. Gentlemen never tell.

No gossiping, spreading scandalous rumours or speaking ill of others. A real gent always protects the integrity of both himself and people around him – so that means you keep any affairs or confrontations a tight-lipped secret. Because nobody likes a bad-mouth.

12. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

He will check your broken car even if he’s wearing a tux. He is able to make a delicious breakfast even though he can’t really cook. A true gentleman will always get things done and you can count on him.

25 Things Only True Gentlemen Do

13. Never look down on anyone.

From the man who cleans his shoes to the chairman of his company, a true gentleman treats everyone with the same level of respect. Gentlemen are never rude, no matter their social status.

14. They keep secrets.

The mark of a true gentleman is when he doesn’t betray the trust of others. Whenever secrets are entrusted to a gentleman, he acknowledges the importance of practicing full discretion and trust.

15. They know how to dance.

Not too much – no-one likes to see a grown man moonwalking at a family wedding. They confidently hold the floor. Romantic dances, too, will grab your attention. Master even the simplest steps and you’ll be one up from the man on the street.

16. Pick up the check.

A gentleman reaches for the check, and in most cases should insist on paying. The rare occasions when a gentleman doesn’t pick up the check, he at least makes the attempt to get the check and puts up a token struggle before conceding. When he picks up the check, whether for a date or for friends, he never expects something in return.

17. Practice basic table manners.

25 Things Only True Gentlemen Do

He will always make sure everyone’s plate is full before he starts eating. He doesn’t talk with his mouth full or chew with his mouth open.

A gentleman knows how to act appropriately whenever in dining situations. Particularly during formal settings, a gentleman will know the basics of utensil etiquette and other essential table manners.

18. Offer their arm to a woman when walking.

A true gentleman will never leave a woman to walk alone. A real gentleman will offer his arm to a woman as a gesture of solidarity and togetherness. It also exhibits intimacy and affection for the woman.

19. Make sure you got home OK.

Imagine this: He’s not waiting three days to call you. He’s calling or dropping you a brief text just to make sure you’re home and safe. Oh, and he also walked you to your car in that shady parking structure/dark parking lot (because those locations are scary).

20. Walk closer to the curb.

When walking on the sidewalk, a gentleman will always make sure that he is the one who walks closest to the curb. This is a defense mechanism so as to protect the women from the dangers and risks involved in walking along the vulnerable part of the sidewalk.

Walking close to the curb and putting themselves between a woman and any potential danger is what real gentlemen do.

21. Help others with their baggage.

When a gentleman spots another person – man, woman, young, elderly – struggling with something heavy, they help them with it. It could be in an airport, a train station, the stairwell in your building. Wherever. Just drop whatever you’re doing (and whatever you’re holding) and ask them if they want some assistance.

22. They do not hit women.

A gentleman’s role is to protect women even at the cost of their own life. A gentleman never hurts a woman. The only exception to this is if a woman is trying to kill an innocent person. Outside of extreme circumstances, a man should never lay his hands on a woman in anger.

23. Reject violence against women.

One of the most important aspects of being a real gentleman is understanding that women should never be the subject of physical harm at the hands of other people. Violence against women is always going to be wrong in the eyes of a gentleman.

25 Things Only True Gentlemen Do

24. They are honest.

Real gentlemen never tell lies. The finest gentlemen of the world are not in the game of deceiving people for personal gain. They never feel comfortable with manipulating people with lies and deception.

25. They won’t play games with you.

A real gentleman will not beat around the bush. If he likes you, he will let you know that. He’s confident and you know he will do his best to win your heart. If he’s not into you, he will explain it to you politely.

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