25 Car Products That Are A Complete Waste Of Money

25 Car Products That Are A Complete Waste Of Money

21. Wheel Lights

Like underglow, neon wheel lights are designed to be eye-catching. Also like underglow, the eyes they’re most likely to catch belong to police officers. Laws governing neon wheel lights vary considerably depending on the state, making it nearly impossible to be within regulation everywhere you go. In some places, wheel lights are illegal in any form.

22. Hood Ornaments

Hood ornaments were once common and classy,  but today they’re dated, superfluous and (thankfully) rare. Hood ornaments originated from the days when ugly radiator caps jutted out through the hood.

Classic ornaments like the Jaguar installed by the manufacturer, or vanity ornaments like skulls or eagles, went a long way toward disguising an eyesore. Today, however, they look out of place and tacky on the streamlined hoods of modern cars.

23. Whistle Tips

Whistle tips are metal fittings welded into your exhaust pipe. By forcing the exhaust through a constricted pathway, they make an otherwise normal car obnoxiously loud for no reason.

California outlawed them (justifiably) shortly after they emerged in the early 2000s, and other places followed suit. Even if they’re not illegal where you live, they’re magnets for traffic stops, and you might get a citation for violating a local noise ordinance. 

24. Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers

Although they seem like a good idea and are likely to improve dramatically over the next few years, most rain-sensing wipers aren’t quite up to the task just yet.

Their sensors can turn the wipers on even when there’s no rain. They can also speed up or slow down more than drivers might prefer and can make complacent drivers forget to switch on their headlights when their wipers come on.

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25. Fake Hood Scoops

Fake hood scoops might be sadder and less authentic than fake performance badges and engine sound simulators — and that’s saying a lot. Hood scoops offer extra air intake for turbocharged and supercharged engines. When you bolt or stick a dummy scoop onto your hood for no reason other than that it looks cool, it never actually looks cool.